love2sewJune 20, 2013

Do we need to purchase one of the constantly advertised new programs for our computer. I did a free scan on my PC with SpeedyComputer and had about 16,000 items to clean up. Then when you say to fix, you go to a purchase screen for $30.00.

You guys are so good with advice on what is important to have.

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That is simply a scam to take your money, just delete the program and be done with it. You do not have 16,000 items to clean up, just scareware trying to frighten you.

Do you have any specific problem you were trying to find a fix for? If so when you reply give us the make and model of the computer, which Windows version you have and what ever safety/virus protection you are using.

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I agree with the scam assessment. Nothing is free, nothing is too good to be true. Those free scans are indeed scams.

The best practice is to never click on links on any website or in emails for which you are not absolutely sure that the destination has a legit sponsor.

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The irony is that Garden Web posts ads for these scams on a regular basis.

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What's the irony? It's not like this site is an underground bomb shelter where everything and everyone is safe.

The ad space is managed by Google (which is typical of very many websites) and just like a newspaper or magazine, they're happy to take ads from any business that isn't illegal.

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azinoh, you wouldn't see any of those ads if you were using adblock plus. And without loading the ads, pages open faster too.

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Maybe...but I prefer to know what kind of tripe this site is trying to peddle to the less knowledgeable users who seem to frequent this forum.

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I don't even see the picture at the top with adblock plus. I like a nice clean page.

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Not only is that program not very useful, I know of some people whose computers ended up worse after they paid their money and ran it. There may be things you can do to speed up your PC -- such as disabling programs that you don't need at startup -- but don't complicate things with one of these types of programs. Most computers slow down over time for various reasons. A computer savvy person should be able to help you improve performance without resorting to quackware.

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NO!!!!! that is a pop up gimic, to make money off of you. download FREE Malewarebytes and run a quick scan once a week if needed, to get rid of any maleware that get's into a PC while surfing. You also of course have disk clean up and defragv already on your PC.

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Why reply to a 9 month old thread?

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(thread got bumped by spam, which has since been removed)

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