Little-known browser commands and functions

ravencajun Zone 8b TXJune 21, 2012

Good article in the latest windows secrets newsletter.

Little-known browser commands and functions

they cover IE, Chrome, and Firefox

-extoff, which prevents add-ons from launching; -nohangrecovery, which tells IE not to try to automatically reload any pages that cause a crash (avoiding potential loops where a tab crash leads to an attempted recovery, which leads to a new crash, etc.); and many more.

I knew some of these but there are many I had never heard of. Interesting stuff.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Another really neat topic that was in the newsletter was about a little known free windows 7 tool to create bootable usb thumb drives using iso. Here is the link to the free tool.
Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool
From the article:

"The fast, tiny, free solution I found was Microsoft's oddly named Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool [site
]. It's oddly named because it uses download in the old-school sense: as in downloading a file from a PC to a peripheral � not downloading from a Web server to your PC. The tool runs only on Win7 PCs, but it should work with any bootable .iso image you have. You can use it to create bootable installation media for operating systems other than Win7.

To create a bootable device, you simply fire up the app, tell it what .iso file you want to work with and whether you want to burn the .iso to a bootable USB drive, CD, or DVD. After the tool spends a few minutes churning, you'll have your newly minted bootable media: no muss, no fuss � and no cost!

If you work with .iso files and run Windows 7, this is about the smallest, fastest, simplest way I know to turn those files into bootable media � including USB drives. "

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