AS skirted toilet at Lowes-- can I order from a plumbers supply?

mabeldingeldine_gwOctober 16, 2012

At last we are renovating our hideous bathroom. We are finishing up subfloor repairs and I hope will be ready for the toilet install in a couple of weeks.

I really want a skirted toilet to make cleaning easier. I would prefer to order from my local plumbing supplier, who will give us a 20% discount off list if we order everything from them. We've seen an inexpensive skirted toilet at Lowes, an AS Cadet model, but my supplier gave me a blank stare when I asked about it.

Does anyone know of a model number I can give them or how to go about identifying it? I am assuming it is a special model number for Lowes but there will be another model number for plumbing suppliers.

AND if this is a really bad idea, please let me know. I am sure a Toto would be an awesome toilet, but this is not my dream bathroom, and we'll be putting the house on the market in a year or 2 -- so the toilet just needs to work well. It is just 2 adults here and whatever we do will feel luxurious compared to what we had.

Here is a link that might be useful: AS skirted toilet

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Best bet would be to hand them the American Standard spec sheet.

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Mongo, thanks, can't think of why I did not think of that!

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