Do Refrigerator Measurements Include Coils?

suziequeAugust 19, 2009

Hi - I am considering a counter depth refrigerator and want to make sure of the measurements. When quoting depth, are the coils (or whatever mechanism) in the back of the frige included in the depth measurement? I would guess not, but I'm hoping I'm wrong. :-)

Also, how far from a wall should the back of a refrigerator be?

Many thanks -


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Suzieque - Each box is measured differently and you need to examine the "installation/specs" guide on line for every one you are considering to get the actual depth, plus add in the clearance to find out exactly how "counter depth" your fridge will end up. Usually the doors have to project beyond the counter to clear the hinge centers, but even so the total depths can vary depending upon manufacturer. This was very frustrating and time consuming for me since I unfortunately had just under 24" of depth to work with on an outside wall and really wanted a built-in appearance due to my very tight space. I found that so many units were over 28" deep when adding in rear clearance, and that each unit had a specific requirement for plug location and waterline hookup to really maximize the look. One or two more inches of play would have truly helped so much but alas I had to use every trick to make it happen, from recessing the plug just-so, to recessing the waterline and angling the connection to allow the copper line to coil up flush, etc, etc...
After picking the refrigerator I thought was truly the best for me( imagine going to the dealer and rolling each box out of its display area and measuring to the very back with a tape to find the Actual depth...)

That said, I'm very happy with the results- looks nearly built in, but you do have to check each candidate carefully to get the actual dimensions and then add in the recommended clearances. BTW- some manufacturers do seem to "approximate" the numbers slightly, so do check yourself to avoid surprises later... and salespeople mostly tell you that they are all the same, but it's not true...

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Thank you for such a detailed response; I appreciate that you took the time. Yes, this is frustrating. In my situation, if it doesn't fit it's useless. I will take your advice and measure, measure measure.

Thanks again -


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