Does anyone have warming drawer under their scoop drawer?

maks_2000August 25, 2010

I love my kitchen remodel with my "scoop" drawer (spatulas, spoons, ladles, hot pads) under my cooktop & my warming drawer under my scoop drawer. We bought the Kitchen Aid Warming drawer (KEWS105SSS03) with a slow cooker setting (it looks like they added higher temperature settings with "high" & "low" slow cooker settings).

I'm interested if anyone has a similar set up with a KA or other brand warming drawer? It seems that when I use the slow cooking option (5 to 8 hours -- of course at the higher temperatures; I think 225F & 250F) it heats up everything above it. The stainless cooktop is warm, but ok, & the cabinet seems ok. My problem is my metal handled utensils (even those with silicone coupled with the metal that allows me to use & not get burned) get so hot that they are difficult to use -- they are hot! Of course, when using the warming drawer function it is usually on low & not for much longer than 30 minutes to an hour, yet.

I emailed KA to make sure we weren't missing some insulation & their answer to me pretty much was -- "working as designed, move the scoop drawer". I can't imagine this is a unique installation (unless KA isn't used to serious cooks installing & really using the warming drawer -- perhaps they are planning for it to be installed in the oven stack which I think would be hard to use).

DH is going to research thin flame retardant insulation to place on top, but I'm interested if anyone has experienced this with another vendor's warming drawer -- perhaps using for a longer period of time when entertaining? Are other vendors' insulated on top?

Thanks for your insight!

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Mine is across from the cooktop so the drawer above has different utensils. I have noticed it getting warm, but not uncomfortably warm at all. I don't know if it is an insulation issue or if your drawer is working properly. Have you set a thermometer in it and even in the drawer above to see how the drawer is heating and how much the drawer above is heating.

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Good idea. I haven't seen my oven thermometer recently, but will try to buy one soon. When I use the warming drawer & slow cooker option the drawer does not seem to be "over cooking/heating". I am slow cooking on "low" heat for 7 to 8 hours & things are coming out perfectly.

Thanks for the advice.

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I reported a repair & had the service technician come out to check out the warming drawer. His explanation after verifying the temperature is correct is that the drawer is UL certified (Underwriter's Laboratory) & pretty much operating as designed -- not a direct quote.

I told him that my assessment of the situation is that this is a design problem. KA has a great idea to add additional capabilities to the warming drawer (slow cooking -- works great, I can do multiple dishes simultaneously), but the drawer is commonly being insulated when placed under a single or double oven. KA does not design for serious cooks (for example, they design a maximum size 30" warming drawer so it will fit nicely under the oven stack). Serious cooks want & need their warming drawers more accessible. Thus I installed under my 36 inch KA cooktop (& scoop drawer). With the gaps left between the drawer & the spice pullouts I had the cabinet maker create filler panels on the island beside the drawer. I asked the technician to report my concerns.

In the meantime I sent an email to KA & their net was working-as-designed, move the utencils (I have to use an oven mit with the metal handled utencils in the drawer after using the slow cooker function.) I have noticed a blog & I will attempt to get there over the next few weeks to see what response I get.

Additionally, DH had some water heater insulation we placed on top of the warming drawer. Although it reduced the temperature a few degrees, I could still not hold my metal-handled utencils with my bare hand. The KD is asking the cabinet guy if a panel can be built above the warming drawer.

If anyone else uses this feature on the KA Warming Drawer I'm interested in your experience.

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If you have the room for it, perhaps look for a different type of insulation. I'd look at anything that blocks radiant heat. Could be the foam insulation sheets they use on the exterior of homes, the paint with a radiant barrier, window tinting -- don't know, but it will probably be something used in a different application and possibly applied to the bottom of the utensil drawer and/or the top of the warming drawer.

You might want to repost asking about heating in adjoining cabinets or drawers without the "scoop" drawer terminology. I had no idea what you were talking about and opened the thread originally only to find out what you meant. Also, the building a home forum might have some specific ideas on insulation -- both to keep your tools cooler and probably to save some money on your electricity if you are using that often for long periods. It sounds like you are having a lot of heat loss that could be wasting energy.

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Since we have been remodeling our kitchen for the past several months (we're almost finished) I have been reading the posts on GardenWeb a lot lately. Lots of information here has been invaluable to me.
I just joined the forum so that I could respond to your post about your KitchenAid Warming Drawer (even though it is a couple of years old). I also bought a KitchenAid WD and have the exact same problem...when the WD is on for a longer period of time or on a higher temp, it heats up the granite countertop. The door front also get pretty warm (uncomfortably warm). It was pretty frustrating. It was on this forum, related to oven insulation, that I read about a place that sells insulation for use with pottery kilns. I ordered a few sheets just a few days ago. I haven't received them yet, but I'm hoping that will solve the problem. I plan on reporting back after I install them above the unit, maybe below the unit and inside the door. Their website: and the product is Superwool 607 Ht Blanket: 8 Lb Density 1" Thick Sq. Foot

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We have the same problem with KA warming drawer under the flatware drawer.

I'll be watching to see if the kiln insulation solves the problem for you. Great idea!

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