Geek Squad privacy invasions an issue?

marknmtJune 19, 2014

After using Geek Squad to do a "tune up" on line it occurred to us to wonder whether they now are able to access our computer without our permission, and whether they might have roamed around in it while optimizing. We did not stay with the computer while they did their stuff, but they had no way of knowing that.

So: any reason to be concerned?



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Most likely no worry...

How did they remote to you with with windows or something like TeamViewer. Uninstall the 3rd party program? Windows standard remote assistance will expire after x hours.. but a crook could make it always available too.

I fix some pc's remotely. Once had a girl tell me she felt uncomfortable that I could see all her pictures and private stuff. I asked her quickly if she had any good nudes or porn. That would be the only thing that might distract or catch my attention. She said Oh.. you wont like my pictures then. Its ok if you look.

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It will probably be okay, most people are honest.

I bought a new PC at Best Buy one time and when I got up to the cashiers station to pay for it, the box has been opened. I said it's been opened and the sales person said the Geek Squad set it up for you and installed protection for an additional $150. I guess he saw the look on my face and said at no charge to you. I said now it is used. I want one in a sealed box, they looked at me like I was crazy. It could have been a return for all I know. They could have put something on there that enabled them to get in. I know one salesman told he went into help forums like this and gave instructions that would mess up someone's computer. I know you all would have stopped him but the idea was he was not trust worthy. I will let companies like HP come on, but not just anyone.

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The one thing I can say about the geek squad, at least around here, if they were good enough for you to worry about they wouldn't be working for geek squad.

At the end of the day anytime someone accesses your computer you should change your critical passwords (I would even include the baby sitter in that one but s/he should have a separate account anyway) but other than that if you have decent anti-spyware and anti-virus software just accept it and move on.

If they were doing anything evil at a corporate level it would soon come to light..

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"Let us get under the hood, clean up some functionality, delete those pesky temp files, update existing software and remove unwanted programs to keep your computer in best condition possible."

NOTHING they did was so technical that you couldn't have done it yourself in an hour or so.

It was more of a tire pressure check, empty the trash, and fill the gas tank than a "tune-up".

Somewhere in my backups I have a whole "housecleaning for Windows" file left over from a writing job I had. Basically you remove software you aren't using, back up data that is no longer active (last year's taxes, whatever) delete stray files (your kid's old game saves,), find and kill any "TMP" files left behind by bad-mannered software, and then defrag the drive.

And this, on controlling what starts at boot-up.

Basically, don't boot anything you don't use daily ...

The speed difference can be AMAZING.

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I totally agree with lazygardens. You had a service done and now wonder so why not remove that worry in the future, it is not difficult at all.

Google 'tune up my computer' or 'optimise my computer' for millions of hits with some good how-to's. Create a restore point prior to starting for protection (I never remember to do this but feel it is sound advice :~) )

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Thank you all for your help. I used to do defrag and optimization on earlier computers, but fell behind on this one and decided to let them do it partly in gratitude for the "free" service of getting my Kaspersky up and running. It made us both feel better to have them run the scans and to make sure the system was "right". Some days I just don't want to mess with certain things- while they were doing their thing wife and I went for a great walk in the mountains!

And I have to admit that earlier versions of Windows were somewhat less intimidating to me; guess I need to get over that.

Thanks again all.

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Some thoughts expressed in this thread seem to come from people who I would say are unnecessarily uptight about their PCs.

I wish there were something I could suggest for you to read to help ease the needless worry and concern that I believe too many of you have.

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Given some of the past shenanigans of the Geek Squad (and other repair services), a certain amount of up-tightness is deserved.

After the public bashing they got, and the lawsuits, they tightened up the corporate auditing and fired some people ... but there's always the jerk who figures that their repair task is license to peep.

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