what is trivection cooking

berdavidsAugust 21, 2010

I'm looking at GE wall ovens and I see that some of them have trivection. What is the difference between that and convection? What is proof mode?

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Trivection is GE's version of a convection oven, combining radiant heat with microwaves and convection to cook foods faster than a conventional oven -- basically, a speed oven. See the link below.

Proof mode uses a relatively low heat to let bread dough rise before baking.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trivection oven

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I have a Trivection. It is NOT GE's version of convection. GE has convection ovens. Think of it this way: There are ovens with one heat source (mono), which is a standard oven with a bottom heating element. There are ovens with two heat sources (bi) standard plus convection, which adds a fan and another heat source at the fan so hot air is circulated. Then there is TRIvection, which has three heat sources, standard, convection plus a microwave boost.

The oven will cook in any of three modes: you can use it as a standard oven, cook with convection, or use it in trivection mode with the microwave boost. In Trivection mode, cooking time is cut by 1/3 to 3/4. For instance, I can cook a lasagna in 15 minutes (would take an hour in a standard or convection oven), and its taste and texture is exactly what it would be if cooked longer in a traditional oven.

Proof mode uses just the oven light to heat to around 90 deg. F to raise bread dough.

I have one reservation about Trivection: the magnetron(the part that produces the microwaves) in mine died after only three years. Fortunately, I purchased an extended warranty. Unfortunately, the magnetron is on backorder with GE - I have no idea when it will be repaired. I am very unhappy about that, but absolutely LOVED my oven when it was working.

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Thank you for your very helpful post. It sounds like something great to have, as long as it works!

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As near as I can determine,"Trivection" and "Speed Oven" are synonymous. It also appears that all of the GE models with the feature have been discontinued, which is most unfortunate, because the underlying principle of using microwaves in concert with convection heating and broiling works quite well.

What happened, GE?

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If trivection is synonymous w speed cooking, what's the difference bw GE's trivection & advantium?? & how do those differ from the 2 miele speed ovens?

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Apart from the fact that the Advantia are still in production while "Trivection" languishes, the chief difference seems to be the heat source. While both possess a magnetron for the microwave portion of the cookery, the Advantium employs a pair of quartz halogen rods to heat the food from above as opposed to the standard resistance heater elements used in the Trivection models. I make no claim to knowing how well either of these two models work, but the principle of both (simultaneous convection and microwave) is identical to that of my Miele speed oven.

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Are you sure it is identical to the Miele, "Super 400"?
I believe the Miele is like the Elux Speed oven, in that it has "True Convection"---sometimes called "Euro Convection".---There is a heating element right around the fan, that supplies the heat when convection baking or speed cooking (Speed Baking).

A "Non True" convection oven uses elements like the GE ,Execept for resistance elements rather than Halogens, either above or below elements and they circulate that heat around with an internal fan.((IE no heater around the fan, itself)).

I don't know for sure if the Miele has "True or Euro Convection"--but I suspect it does?


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Valuable information, Gary. Yes, my Miele has the convection heater element and fan together in the rear of the oven cavity, in addition to the broiler element in the ceiling. The Advantium I looked at (one of the 240V models) has the rods above and a ceramic element in the bottom, not sure whether it has a heater wrapped up with the fan, though. Not sure whether it even makes a difference,though it seems it might.

Still, simultaneous microwave and convection cookery at 240V = speed cooking in my book.

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Yes with the Miele or the Elux, "Speed cooking" is actually a combination of "True Convection + Microwaving"

I guess some of it "Boils down" to, "Is there really a difference between "Convection" and "Real or Euro Convection", I myself have not see "A lot of comparisons" between the 2, but "They" (Appliance Manufacturers) sure like to "Tout" that this or that oven offers "True Convection"


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The Trivection is a "true convection" plus microwaving.

I cannot speak to the Advantium 240, but the Advantium 120 that I have is also "true convection" with a heating element with the fan as well. It can function as a convection oven, broiler oven, speedcooker or microwave. It is narrower and shorter than the Trivection, but actually about 1/2" deeper.

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How good is the Advantium for just microwaving? as convenient as a regular micro?

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Yes, just like a standard microwave. When you use it as a microwave, you use a glass try, like any microwave. When you want to use it as either a convection oven or a speedcook oven, you lift out the glass tray and replace it with a metal tray. We go back and forth several times every day. We store have a drawer below the oven where the tray that is not in use is stored.

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I just read the Advantium and Trivection manuals.

The Advantium is true convection, with a heating element with the fan, another low heating element, the microwave magnetron, and the halogen bulbs. And a broiler, so it can broil and toast.

GE still has Trivection ovens on the website in their Monogram line. The Trivection includes microwave to cook things faster, but not as standalone function. The Defrost mode, though, undoubtedly uses primarily microwaves to defrost (as evidenced by instructions how not to use metal). The convection uses "reverse air" which means the fan reverses directions, but is not "true" convection with a heating element with the fan.

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Ouch. Convection is moving air, so wouldn't trivection be moving air three ways. So that would be vertical, horizontal, and illogically.

To speed cook you must cook thermally and with microwaves to achieve a faster result. This requires a 240 connection so both modes can operate concurrently (learned that word from a judge 7 to 15 years ago). As Gary pointed out to me a long time ago, many ovens can do this.

Trivection is a word that has been co'opted by manufacturers to dazzle us. How is it that I only have two triceps.

Tri just means three different ways of cooking. In addition to microwaving and thermal cooking, quartz, halogen, or something else is used as a supplement/alternative.

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Trivection ovens DO have a heating element with the fan. In fact, there are three heating elements - to accommodate various types of cooking: traditional radiant, convection 1-shelf, convection multi-shelf, broil, speed bake, speed broil

Fan locations:
With the fan

Love my GE Profile Trivection double ovens - no problems in almost 5 years.

Disadvantage of Advantium if you get it for a second oven and MW: When it's in use as a MW, it's not available as a second oven; when it's in use as a second oven, you have no MW.

We use two ovens quite a bit as well as MW, so for us an Advantium would not be useful. However, if you rarely need a second oven and/or rarely use the MW or rarely use them both at one time - then an Advantium would probably work for you.

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So bascially, Trivection is GE's version of what Thermador offered three decades ago in its CMT-series ovens.

Fixed heating elements, convection, and microwave all in one. Creda had it too, as did Litton in ranges.

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Reviving a 2-yr old thread?

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It is all advertising puffery anyway, with no hard definition beyond what the manufacturer wants to claim for marketing purposes.

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