Electric ovens recommended?

diab123August 22, 2012

Remodeling! Please send info on electric convection wall ovens (Brand and Model please) that you love ...and why!

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If you scroll down you will find this.
Ranking Ovens
There is also a search function at the bottom of the appliance page to find more threads.

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My 500 series Bosch 27" single wall oven was installed last October. Criteria most important to me were oven reliability and having an accurate, even oven temperature. The interior dimensions are quite large for an oven of this size. PROS: (1)construction seems solid & well made, (2) very quiet fan (3) accurate, even baking, (4) does not seem to put too much heat into the kitchen (5) extremely easy to operate with two large knobs to turn, (6) racks glide out easily (7) very bright oven light, (8) convetion is easy to use, just reduce the usual temperature by 25 degrees, and (9) the stainless does not show fingerprints easily. CONS: (1) If you have the oven light on and open the door, when you close it, the light automatically goes off. Therefore, you're having to turn that oven light back on each time you check on something in the oven, (2) oven knobs are made of plastic, (3) If you want ball bearing racks, they must be ordered extra. Just as an aside, if you want an item to brown, it must be baked on convection in this oven. Would I choose this oven again? -- Most definately.

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Elux 30" double convection wall oven, non-icon with wavetouch controls.

Why - Lots of features, reliable, 4 easy glide racks

It is true that two single ovens will have fewer problems than a double. Some people like a single convection and a speed oven.

Ranking Ovens thread that wekick referenced has a lot of info.

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Advantium 240 and Wolf E series
Although I ogles the Elux Icon with those gliding racks!

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