What are your thoughts on Panda Antivirus?

evenshadeJune 16, 2012

I had problems with my laptop last night and called CenturyLink where I have subscribed to their service called RescueIT. They got me fixed up in a couple of hours. They uninstalled Avast and installed a free version of a security program called Panda that (from what I understand) stores the program's "heavy lifting" in the Cloud therefore not using as many resources on the local machine. I had never heard of that program, but I see that CNET gives it very good reviews.

I have MSE on my PC...in your opinion should I leave well enough alone. :)


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But using more than one real-time antivirus uses much more system resources, can cause conflicts and even reduce protection. So I recommend you only choose one antivirus for real-time protection.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I think she means she has the panda on the laptop and MSE on a different pc.

I would want to know why they decided to remove AVAST which is an excellent program. I personally would prefer to have AVAST ,which is what I use, or MSE over Panda.

My other question is how did they remove AVAST because if they did not use a dedicated removal tool and just used add remove programs you will have a lot of left over AVAST items in your pc which can cause conflicts.

try doing a search through your pc for anything with AVAST in it see what turns up.

Here you can find various dedicated removal tools
Antivirus removal tools

or use appremover
How do I use AppRemover?

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You're right ravencajun, I stand corrected, and love your advice as well!

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Panda is as good as any other anti virus software out there. They have been around probably as long as anyone has and I would suggest their track record is as impressive as the best of them.

Now that you have signed with Century for the service you may as well stay there. The contract is for a year with a $50 opt out clause should you wish to withdraw before the year is up.

Nothing wrong with Avast, MSE or any of the other recognised names in the safety business.

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Thank you all. It was one of those deals where they access your computer remotely and "go to town". I did watch most of it...scans, etc....but didn't get to see how they uninstalled Avast. I wish I had.

I did do a search, ravencajun, as you recommended. The result was that no matches were found so I guess they did remove everything. That's good news.

I agree owbist. I renewed my subscription because it's less expensive to have them take care of the problem and pay the opt out fee than it is to take it in to a local repaie place. And it takes much less time.

Thank you for your views, everyone. I feel all right with Panda now. I will keep MSE on my PC.

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