Wolf wall ovens high temperature switch problems

ctlady_gwAugust 24, 2012

Has anyone else had problems with the high temperature switch on Wolf wall ovens (30", double ovens) tripping after running a self-cleaning cycle? This is the second time the switch has tripped, necessitating a nearly $200 service call. I am told it is tripping (causing the lower oven not to heat) because it gets too hot when the UPPER oven is cleaned. Wolf has offered to replace it with a switch with a higher tolerance (though they don't like to because of the safety issues ... huh??!) BUT I have to pay another $150 or so in labor, as the ovens are 4 years old. This burns me no end, because I consider the location of the switch -- where heat from a regular self-cleaning cycle trips it but the consumer cannot easily reset it -- a serious design flaw. Why do I have to pay Wolf to correct their design flaw??! Apparently some customers have the switch trip EVERY TIME THEY CLEAN THEIR OVENS!! So Wolf sends out a new little switch... but the customer has to pay if the oven is out of the full 2-year warranty. This strikes me as outrageous: it is not a wear issue, nor a customer misuse issue. It is a problem with the design and location of the switch. Anyone else had this problem??

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We just completed a kitchen remodel and installed the Wolf H series double oven as part of the remo. The Wolf manual says to run the self-clean cycle before using the ovens. Accordingly, we ran the self-clean cycle and did not experince the tripping issue you refer to. Does tripping occur every time you run self clean or is it an occasional issue?

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We did the same -- ran the self-clean several times before using the ovens. The tripping didn't occur then, and has only occurred twice since (but $180 a pop!), seemingly randomly. This most recent time, the lower oven hi-limit switch tripped even though it was the upper, not lower, oven we cleaned. It doesn't happen every time (though the service guy told me they had a customer for whom it DID -- tripped every single time she cleaned either oven, and that's when they found that Wolf would, upon request, ship a switch with a higher heat threshold). I know that the $100-$150 in labor would be more than offset by even one more incident; I just don't feel I should have to pay the labor, especially after already paying for two service calls over the past few years, for something which is clearly a design problem. The switch should be placed and/or designed to tolerate the heat of the oven during a self-clean. If it's going to trip often, it should be located where the customer can reset it without a costly service call. Good luck with yours! (They do seem to have solved the faulty enamel problem -- our new set has been fine in that respect. We did have to have the entire motherboard replaced on the original ovens, though ... BEFORE the enamel began to blister off. They were less than a year old when that went. I guess I'm just really disappointed by the quality and design issues we've experienced, given the price point.)

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I own a 2009 Wolf oven, model #DF304 and experienced the high-limit switch issue as you mentioned. I ran the self clean cycle and then my oven was no longer heating up. I, too, had to pay $150 for a service man to press the switch. Outrageous!!! I will not buy another WOLF oven.

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