Everything changed after restart

katlanJune 25, 2013

My laptop was running slow, so I closed the browser, ran CCleaner, found nothing, tried shutting it down. When trying to restart it said applying all the updates, or whatever, now my favorites are on the wrong side of the
screen. In the bottom right corner I had a little thing that I could click on and change the font size. The top has a tab beside the bar where I type web addresses. Oh, and a bar pops up at the bottom, it says Bing, and says to manage your add-ons.

Is there a way to find the most recent updates and delete them?

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What version of windows win8 or win7 or ? Did you try Restart again ?

You can try maybe a system restore to a date before this happened.

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Mikie, thanks for responding. I actually did just do a system restore. Everything is back. Yes. I'm running MSE now.

Not sure how the updates happened. After reading so much info on this site about updates, I have mine set to ask me which ones I want. I didn't click on anything. O.K., I know everyone says that, haha. I'll say it this way, I don't remember clicking on anything about updates.

Anyhow, everything seems o.k. now. Thanks again, I appreciate your help.

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katlan, I have had my options changed once or twice and I suspect the updates changed them. I always set to let me know, then I download them.

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Thanks Emma. I'll have to check them now and again I guess to make sure the settings are the same all the time.

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Pretty much only have to check after your approved install following the second Tuesday of the month. That's MS download day. Very rare for anything else to come through.


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