Stacking washer & dryer - recommendations ?

jannz77August 16, 2013

We are building a new home and plan to have a large laundry room with the typical large washer & dryer.

However, since the laundry will be waaaaay over on the other side of the house - where all the secondary bedrooms are - I would like to also add a SMALL, stacking washer & dryer to the master bath/closet area.

Anyone here have any experiences to share..??.. ie; which brand/model -- Are they quiet ..??..

Also, can the electric dryer be vented through the attic to the outside..??..

Appreciate all comments / suggestions / links!

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Asko UltraCare Line Series Classic W6424 $1350

Asko Line Series Classic Vented Electric Dryer T754W $949

Asko Line Series Classic T754CW Vent Less Electric Dryer $1249

Most have a sanitary cycle of 150-155 degrees.

Asko has a sanitary cycle of 205 degrees. Kills virtually all bacteria dead. Gets whites really white. It works it way up in temperature and only at top temp for a few minutes not enough to destroy elasticity of underwear or socks for example.

SuperRinse up to 7 Rinses. Sometimes this can be a problem with front loaders. Proper rinsing.

Asko washer requires 240 volt outlet.

A couple a months ago someone wanted a rec on 18" dishwasher to install in kitchenette inside master suite because the main kitchen was waaaaay over there.

Now I have heard everything :). A main laundry room near the kids/guest/staff quarters.

And another near the master suite.

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I have the Miele W3033. I really like it. I wanted to dislike it because it was a 110volt appliance versus my other two 240volt Mieles. Its max temp is 170F and it takes about 20more minutes for the sanitary cycles I use but it does a very good job. I have this stacked and it is quieter than my older Miele which I had no issue with. Best of luck!

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Now I have heard everything :). A main laundry room near the kids/guest/staff quarters.

And another near the master suite. I know someone who built their house 30 years ago with that arrangement. Main utility room is off the kitchen near the kid's rooms and they have a 2nd washer/dryer pair in an alcove in the master bedroom.

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Thanks for the responses... and 'dadoes' you are so correct. NOT a new idea to have more than one laundry room/capability.... especially for large houses.

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