free Kindle to pc- is it really true?!!

ilmbgJune 18, 2011

I don't have a Kindle but noticed that at Amazon/Kindle there is a place for free books that can also be downloaded to your pc, ipad, phones, etc. I would like to download to my pc. I Think I have the minimal functions needed on my HP Mini. I think I woulk need to use a dongle, though.

Is this really an 'ok' thing to do? I want 'The Count of Monte Cristo', which is a very long book (unabridged- about 1200 pages). What says you? Thanks.

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Yes...just download the software from Amazon. No dongle needed.

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Yes, I have been using this for at least a year. I also have the app on my smart phone.

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thanks- but my HP Mini has a small capacity- I want to download 'The Count of Monte Cristo', which is almost 1200 pages- 15mb I think- shouldn't I use a dongle to save space?

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

that is a very small file all the text files are very small and will not take up much room at all so just save them to your mini. You mean a flash drive I would guess not a dongle.
I use the Kindle for pc on my Acer netbook it works great and I have found lots and lots of great free books to read.
but there are many other reader apps you can get that read epub format which is easier to find free books for.
Nook has the free reader program for the pc as well as several others.
Free NOOK Apps

Microsoft Reader


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Thanks for the sites- the epub might be what makes the difference in the ease of reading- what downloaded to my hp mini has few words on it- I have to 'down arrow' frequently- it doesn't look like a page at all. But beggers won't complain! THX!

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

you can change the font size on all of the readers so that more text fits on the page. I use most of those on my netbook which is probably smaller than the mini and it is very much like reading a book page.

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ok I played out found out I could change the font as you say, put the columns to 'one'- makes everything much better- thx

off topis....watching 'The Voice'- I am blown away at the talant!!

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Hi. Does anyone know how many books or files the kindle for PC app can hold? And, if so- is there a way to know how much space you would have left? P L U S (this is for my husband) will it take up too much of his precious "space"? Thanks in advance- hopefully **).

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The Kindle for PC would store books on your hard drive, so you don't really need to worry about a limit since book files are not that big. On average, a book file might take up only about 1 MB -- sometimes more, sometimes a lot less -- so you could store maybe 5000 books in 5 GB. My computer has a 500 GB hard drive, so storing that many books would take up like 1% of the hard drive. And once your husband read any of those books, they could be deleted.

Bottomline: It's a non-issue. Using the Kindle for PC application will not hurt the performance of your PC or affect its storage capacity in a meaningful way even if you store 1000's of books on it.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

as kudzu9 said books are text files they are very small and take up very little space (unlike real books that take up all my storage space LOL)
when you get into storing pictures, image files and movies or videos that is where you take up a lot of space on the hard drive those are much larger files.

so collect all the books you want! If you are using the kindle app you can find a lot of good free books in kindle format at just pick to download the kindle ones.

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