anyone in NYC successfully bring a Sub zero in the elevator?

homeimprovementmomAugust 29, 2013

I am getting a brand new frig after 24 yrs. We are looking at the Sub Zero French door 36" wide. the unit is 36" wide 25.44deep(according to the sub zero tech guy)it will not have panels or handles mounted on it at delivery and 84" high. I have heard that the compressor is actually bigger than what is given on the spec sheet. I do not want to cut the compressor off to get the unit in our apt. . Our elevator is 93" high and has the usual 35-36" wide opening door.

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We got ours in. We got the same fridge. I think our service elevator is eight feet high.

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In my experience, the spec sheets are quite accurate. You can always call SZ and ask for confirmation. SZ is one manufacturer who actually provides good telephone service responsiveness.

Beyond the possibility that the elevator when holding the SZ will only go down :) you need to keep in mind that the diagonal distances across the rectangular parallelepiped that is the refrigerator shape are longer than the top to bottom dimension, so if the unit is delivered through one's door at an angle, the interior ceiling has to accommodate at least the diagonal distance from top rear to bottom front in order to stand the unit.


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Not an answer but I feel bad for the guys who have to carry our 36" liebherr up to our 4th floor brownstone apartment.

Good luck with the elevator! Do any of your neighbors have the same fridge? Does your super have any "the fridge did not fit" stories?

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Ask the super if he can put on top of the freight elevator.

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