How to get music from CD to my computer

loraleeJune 14, 2014

Now I really miss my Music Match Jutebox that I have used for 20 years.

I have Windows 7.

I need to redo some of my CDs that I have made. I don't understand how to get the music from the CD my music folder on the computer.

Windows Media player plays my CDs.

I use Nero to burn my CDs.

Thanks for your help.

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I just put the cd in the slot, open it up, don't let it play, then open the folder you want them to go to...copy and paste them there. I use Itunes which will do it for me, but I like to do it myself so I can edit out songs I do not like.

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I will try this now, This is why I like to use a music software so That I can edit the songs.

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I appear to be in over my head.

I stop the cd from playing by exciting out of the music screen that popup when the music started to play. Then I copied the music file from the CD and pasted in my music library folder. The music I just put in a folder does not play. I do not know if it actually copied it or just put the music icon in the folder that I made.

I have never used Windows Media player before. This is the software that will play the songs. The music I have had on my computer for years play when I click on the other older music.

Any suggestions? I do not know any one who knows much about doing anything with computers other than going on line to use e-mail.

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I haven't used WMP in years and I don't use libraries. I just copy it to a folder with the name of the singer and then add it to my music folder. I can even play it from the folder before I put it in Itunes, so don't know what is wrong.

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Emma, could you tell me the steps you are doing when you put the cd in the drive.
The only thing I can think of is that the music did not actually copy from my CD and perhaps I missed a step in copying and pasting?

I did check the properties on each song and they are only about 44 kilobites. When I check the properties on a song that would play that was already on the computer they are listed in MB much, much larger than the one I copied today from the CD.

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I just put it in and sometimes it brings up a menu, I opt for open. I highlight all the songs, right click for copy, then past them in a folder not into the software that plays the music. My itunes is set to be my default music player so that is probably why it plays when I click on the music in my folders. I think Itunes is much easier to use than WMP. I installed it for my Ipod and am very glad I did. I put the music in folders to be sure I can back them up easily and for burning CD's easily. Others may have other suggestions, there are always more than one way to do it.

The small photo in the middle is for opening the music CD. The big photo on the left is the songs on the CD. The last is the folder I will put them in. Later I put that folder in Itunes.

Which ever music player you use you probably need to have it set to your default or right click (I think) to choose a song then choose which player you want.

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I appreciate the time you took to make the desk shot view. This is what I had been doing and I tried it again. The songs will play as long as I have it in the computer when I click on each song that I copied into the folder. But once I take the CD out the songs don't play.

Is there a download link for I tunes or does this come with your cell phone? Or at the I tunes store?

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Here is the Itunes download site, but it is for 64 bit because that is what I have. If yours is 32, you need to google Itunes for yourself and it may come up with what you need. If you decide to do this and need any help later just ask. It has a mini player icon that goes on your task bar. That was a problem for me when they upgraded, but I figured how to turn it on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Itunes 64

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When you put your CD into the computer and start to play with WMP, do you see a button on top that says rip? That's all I do. Then when I want to listen it's right there in my WMP.

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Thank you Cheryl and Emma. I may just go with the Itunes. I do have 32 and did find a link for it.

Cheryl, I do see burn at the top, but I don't want to copy the CD. I just want to upload the music to my computer. It is a CD that I made a long time ago and need to make some adjustments to the song arrangements.

It will be a day or two before I have time to play with this computer again. I will let you know Emma if I need help with the Itunes. Thanks.

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Good Luck loralee, I think you will find Itunes easier. I will be glad to help if you need it and if I can. I am working with a very old memory and that is my memory, not the PC's. LOL

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Emma or someone else which version of Itunes do you use?

I had downloaded iTunes which I can't find what version it is. There were no opt out selections for games, google etc and it installed lots of changes that I do not want. I uninstalled it after I downloaded some music that I purchased. But, I have more songs I need to download.

I did a system redo and got rid of everything and put the computer back the way it was.

Does any one know of a VERSION that does not make you install all the junk that I do not want? I just need to install enough to be able to download their music and use there software for burning my exisiting music.

Thank you once again for your help

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Where did you find an iTunes player that installed a bunch of extra crap and made changes to your computer? From the web site? That just doesn't sound right.

As far as version, it's like most any program: Start it, go to "Help" on the bar at the top of the screen, and click on "About iTunes." Mine is current and I'm running version 11.3.1 for 64bit. What does yours say?

I suggest you uninstall iTunes and try again to download it from the Apple web site. Then report back, please.

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The first time I installed it I had gotten it from the Itunes store. this was three weeks ago. I uninstalled it and finally had time to try to deal with this again.

Yesterday I got a hold of a person at the i Tunes store and explained what I had been through. They said it should not have had all this extra on it and that it sounded like a third party.

The lady was very nice and walked me through it while it was downloading from their store site.
I downloaded a number of i Tunes last night.

It is

I am disappointed that I am not able to add songs that I had burned some years ago from my original CDs to make CDs of just the songs we liked. i Tunes said it is because they are burned to RW CDs.

I have these songs loaded on my computer but the songs will not drag and drop into my play list. The icon for these CDS are CDDA. Right now I want my XP computer software back. Never had any issues with making CDs with it.

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That is strange. I don't use ITunes but have windows 7 and I just put the burned CD in the drawer and open it to view the files and drag and drop to my music folder. I use Winamp to play my music. They are MP3 files right? All my stuff is burned on to CD-R as I don't trust RW. Mary

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Mary What burner as you using. I used Nero to try to burn a CD using music that I uploaded from CDs that I had created years ago and it would not play in any of my electronics nor in the car last night.
Now the new music I downloaded from iTunes burned just fine to my CD-R and is playable in all devices.

Thanks Mary.


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I have no clue what's on my computer, I just click send to CD or some such and the built in burning program burns them. I will try one in a bit and see. I haven't used CD's in my new car because I have a USB port so put all my music on stick now for the car. Mary

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LL, 95% of my music is in mp3 format and some are left in the reg, they all play when they are in itunes folder. You don't have to convert them I did because I put them on an IPod and because I would burn them to a cd for the car and I could get 22 songs on the CD instead of 10 or 12. I convert them to MP3 by using Roxio, but other software will do it also. I make a playlist in Itunes...under file, "new",name it, then copy and past the songs from my music folders to the playlists in ITunes. It may take some practice. I have a playlist for my favorite songs. When I hear one I really like, I copy and paste it in favorites. It will then be in my favorites and in songs. If I had it to do over I would copy and paste them straight to the playlist and they automatically goes to "songs". I had a lot of duplicates leaning how to do this. If I want to listen to one particular singer or all songs I click on the right option and I set the controls to random. You can delete any songs from the playlists. It will ask "from the computer or just the folder".

I would suggest when you get this set up like you want it back the music folders so you don't have to do this all again. If you buy a new computer and need to install Itunes again it will/should install with your folders just like they were. Aren't computers wonderful?

I don't travel any more and don't need an ipod so I bought a radio with an ipod dock and can listen to a thousand songs in random if I want. The radio is a Memorex and sounds as good as my Bose. Very nice.

I love music, I call it therapy for the soul. My taste in music has changed over the years, I love some of all music.

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I had dragged and dropped many of my songs from the music folder from my old computer into the play list of i TUnes. The format they were in would not burn on the itunes burner software. I was able to get this music to burn using Nero Express but then they would not play on any electronic devices.

I am getting so over whelmed with this music not working for me. I have made CDs for more than 20 years. Something must have changed. I just wish I had family or friends for that matter who burned music. I am just going to put it on hold again.

I bought this new computer in Dec and have not been able to burn music as my old Jutebox software would not work on Windows XP. This is what I had used for years. They no longer make the software.

I was able to make one CD with the new music that I downloaded from i Tunes.

It is funny you mention buying aradio with an ipod dock. I have it on my list to see if there was such a radio where my husband could use it in his shop with an I pod. Now I even know what brand to look for.

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I wish I lived near you to help you. It took me a while to learn it but it was worth the effort in the long run. And I enjoy the learning, I feel so good after I accomplish something like that. Still it was much easier than WMP. I burn my music through Roxio which cost me around $80. I am not going to do that in the future without checking out free software. Itunes is suppose to do it all, but I haven't used it.

Some songs I had would not load in itunes but they were songs I got when I bought a radio that was a return and someone left their CD in it. I don't know the why of that. Some older players will not play a copied CD, so if your husband buys one make sure it has the ability to read them. I am assuming you need a reader inside them. Newer ones should work. My radio is a Memorex, I haven't seen that brand lately.

We could do some of this through email, but I can't send, there is no send option for me. Try my page and email me if you want and I can email you through your address.

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Emma, I sent you an e-mail.


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I have it but I can't reply through GW, I have no send option and I have my profile correct I think.

oops found it buried in all the stuff.

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Sorry but I don't know what I am using on here. I am using what ever came from HP or built into windows 7 to burn, I didn't install anything like Roxio as this works the easiest for me what ever was built in to burn. I have always done it that way with my HP computers. My Toshiba laptop I use what ever that came with to burn, might be a form of Roxio, don't remember as I use memory sticks for everything now. Sounds like you are going to get good help sorting it out. Mary

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I'm a professional audio engineer, and I can't believe how complicated it is to rip a CD into a computer using consumer based tools. iTunes is great for organizing, but if you want to rip to a certain folder or drive, it's buried deep in the menus. And depending on preferences, you may or may not see the 'rip' button on WMP. For any basic audio functions, I always recommend Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio. It's about $60, easy to use, will allow you to rip, edit, burn CD, and a whole host of other audio jobs. It's about as complex as a word processor. You can choose to rip a single song, or the whole disk. You can correct the volume, edit the song itself, save as an MP3 file where you want to, or burn a disk.

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docaudio - Baloney

Free software of many sources works just fine, and some (like itunes) work automatically when active and a CD is inserted into the drive. I'm not normally a rabid supporter of free software, but for handling sound files I am.

The troubles most novice users have is to understand the concept of sound file ripping, understanding the file format and setting alternatives, and then finding and manipulating the files and folders that the music lands into when ripped.

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