battery longivity

upnflyinJune 6, 2012

Does it do any good to take the battery out of my new HP laptop because it is plugged in and running 24/7.

My old toshiba had the batt in it all the time and it wouldn't hold much of a charge after a couple of years.

I just want to know if its worth the trouble of removing it and storing it on the shelf.


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fwiw.. just bought Lenovo.. it has battery life longevity/conservation for laptops used mostly on a/c adapters... holds it at just under 50% charge always.

Maybe at half charge, sit it on shelf ? I know you're not supposed to let them go way low on the charge.

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You shouldn't charge your laptop constantly. If you only occasionally take your laptop away from a power outlet, but leave it plugged in to charge 24/7, you're leaving your laptop in a state of perpetual charge at the 100% point and that is bad for the battery's long-time health.

As mikie suggests, you might want to physically remove the laptop battery if you're using the laptop at your desk for long stretches of time. If you do remove it, don't store it in a fully charged or depleted state. It's best to store it in the middle -- between 40 and 50 percent of full charge.

I've read it is best to store in a cool dark place (such as a drawer) and wrapped in a clothe.

I do keep my battery plugged in all the time when I am at my desk but I do unplug the adapter till the charge is at about 50% then plug the adapter back in.

It's not good to allow the battery to go completely dead either.

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