Wireless often slow to connect

albert_135June 4, 2011

I've a DSL line coming into a Motorola modem connected to a Belkin router. One PC is connected to the router with a yellow cable and, insofar as I know, never hesitates to connect to the internet.

Another PC in the an adjoining room has a Netgear wireless hook-up. I don't even know what to call it. The Netgear will sometimes connect in a few seconds but usually requires several minutes. First question I suppose; is this normal?

If it is not normal for the wireless to sometimes take several minutes to connect then what additional information do I need to ask informed questions?

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Is the Netgear device a wireless adapter? Sometimes those do go bad, and sometimes devices made by different manufacturers do not play nicely together. It is not normal for the wi-fi to require several minutes to connect.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

is your belkin router a wireless router? what exactly is the netgear hookup you refer to?

Many times the best thing to do is a power down sequence to let everything reset and power up in a specific order which is important.

Power everything off computers, routers modems every thing leave it all off power for at least 5mins, then power up in this order the modem first let it get fully lit up, then power up the belkin router let it get fully lit up, then power up the computers and other devices. See if that makes any difference.

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Wife's laptop has no problems picking up from this same Belkin wireless router. The Netgear is a 111v3 Wireless-G USB adapter. Powering everything off sporadically helps. The problem is quite sporadic. My experience has been that sporadic problems don't lend themselves well to boilerplate solutions and may result in a lot of hair pulling.

Wife says we are on channel six and there is always someone else on channel six. We are out in the xburbs. Who else is on channel six. A neighbor a few hundred yards away perhaps? We have not figure out how to change channels.

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Change channel in the Belkin to 1 or 11 to try,, hopefully those channels have no-one else or cleaner signal, away from your 2.4 baby monitor or wireless phone, or wireless mouse/keyboard which is also 2.4 whatever hurtz.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

yes sometimes wireless devices in the home can interfere also I would try channel 11

the power down sequence works for a reason it is to help flush the info and get new IP addresses so that everything is on the same one and everything is back in sync, that is the best thing to do anytime there are these kinds of problems, but the power up sequence is extremely important.

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