Milk in refrigerator door

newberrieAugust 27, 2014

In our hunt for a new refrigerator, I've noticed that most new fridges boast "extra large" door storage for gallon jugs (of milk, one would assume). Knowing that milk is supposed to go in the main area of the fridge, and not in the door, what do you store in those super-sized bins? What items won't get lost in the shuffle? If you fill it with condiments, for example, you will end up pulling half of the bottles out each time you are looking for the ketchup!

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I store milk and juice in mine without a problem.
I think newer fridges are better insulated.

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Once I realized I could fit gallon jugs in the door that's where I put mine in the fridge in the utility room. Then I move them to the main part of the kitchen fridge as needed. Never had a problem.

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I store milk close to the cold air outlet. I store other drinks, that aren't prone to spoiling, in the larger door compartments. Brita water pitcher, juice, mixers, beer etc. It's also used for condiments.

Even though I have 3 kids, they only want to drink milk at breakfast. I err on the side of caution to keep it fresher, longer.

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I've never had a problem storing milk in my door (with it going bad or anything).

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The 1/2 gal jug I have is tagged "Best by 8/18/2014" and it's still perfectly fresh on 8/28/2014. I used it on a bowl of cereal this morn. I never keep milk on the door, always on an interior shelf, and my fresh food temp setting is 36ðF.

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We don't use gallon cartons of milk. We use the large door compartment for other tall things - a bottle of wine, jug of salsa, bottle of juice, etc. Since they are larger items, nothing gets hidden.

On other deep shelves, where I keep condiments, salad dressing, jam jars, pickles, etc I don't have trouble picking out what I want. Ours is a french door fridge, so the shelves are more at eye level. With a top freezer, I think it would be harder to find things.

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We use it for milk, cider or whatever. with wine and beer on the bottom shelf.

and you can get a TON of salad dressing bottles in one of those shelves.

No problems with milk going bad.

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I keep mine in the door. Thats what it is made for. Some fridges, like my Mom's Maytag, have that dedicated storage place in the door for milk and drinks.

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How can one possibly store milk long enough for it to go bad? All my kids (and their kids) have been milk vampires, known to snarl possessively when going for the last bit in the last jug that was bought such a long time ago like yesterday!

Also, refrigerator controls are, face it, primitive and simplistic. The jugs "where they're supposed to be" freeze on us, which is cool.

Good thing this wasn't a question like "where do you keep your vodka".

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Grubby, I keep mine in the freezer. Cheers

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Grubby - ditto on the vodka - although DH is the only one who drinks it

Newberrie- try it in the door- if it doesn't work move to main section.

Good luck

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