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shaddy101June 19, 2013

I bought a XHD. I just want to back up files etc., in my documents. I don't care to have it run every now and then to back up my docs on a schedule, I want to do it manually if nothing else.
How do I go about this, is it like moving things to the USB sticks? I like those for storage, but getting to be too many now for me to keep track of, so thought one central location. I have googled, not much info there, and there really was no instruction with the HD. Appreciate any help anyone can give out.

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It's just another storage medium. You can deal with it exactly like you have with your flash drives. As with all storage devices, use the "Safely Remove" option in Explorer (on your computer, not your browser) before disconnecting it.

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I open the XHD, make a folder, name it with the date, open my documents, set the pages to "show side by side" and use copy and past. My stuff is in folders and the photo and music folders take a while to transfer. The side by side is really handy, but tricky if you have never used it. You open both, right click on the task bar and choose the way you want to view it.

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Duplicate, sorry

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