Hire a non Bank Inspector?

pbx2_gwJuly 31, 2012

In a construction loan, the bank is sending their inspector to make sure the job is x% finished for the builder to get his draws. They are not there to check on your behalf.

The county inspector will also come by for permitting purposes.

But has any1 hired their own inspector to make sure their build is being done correctly?

Would like to hear your experiences & any advantages to this?

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I did and he was definitely worth every penny I paid!

But you definitely need to get someone who knows what they're doing. Below is a link to the guy I used. Unless you're in central Texas tho, you'll have to find someone else. But it might help to see my inspector's background and certifications to get an idea of what you should be looking for when hiring an inspector to make sure your new build is done right.

Here is a link that might be useful: Glen Davis - Inspections

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Yes. One of the best decisions we made throughout this process. We had an attorney review/revise/amend our contract with the builder prior to signing. He advised us to hire an architect to inspect throughout the build process. We found a fantastic architect via Angie's List. In addition to going out to our house to inspect at various stages (foundation, framing, etc), she also gave us some great ideas on how to make our floorplan better with some very simple changes (like moving a couple walls a few inches and moving a hall closet). We pay her a flat hourly rate for anything she does.

We love our builder and so far we would highly recommend him, but having the extra expert on our side has been awesome. She has definitely kept our builder on his toes. :)

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Wow - great testimonials! Thanks for the ideas.

So what can you do if your inspection has uncover some issues?
What if your builder says, it's up to code but your inspector says no it isn't?

Their is no oversight authority I would imagine to rule on anything?

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Neither hte bank inspector or building inspector is going to do any quality assurance for you.

Studs in non-weight bearing walls that are warped are still installed (the bank inspectors view) and acceptable (the building inspectors view).

Your walls may be hill and dale, but comply with code.

It can be difficult to find an inspector though.

Many 'home inspectors' do not know the codes all that well, and in some states are not even supposed to inspect new construction ('out of scope' of their training).

While a structural engineer with residential experience might spot structural defects, they may not notice cosmetic defects.

An honest but retired builder might be good, but good like finding one (and they may not know enough about plumbing or electric to spot defects).

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