Faucet shopping...Lowes or not?

MSethOctober 19, 2013

Need expert opinion: To buy or not to buy from Lowes..
Does Lowes version have cheaper/plasticy parts?

Same Bath Faucet: Grohe Geneva K20801-18734-00E Lavatory Faucet - widespread with lever handles, drain and valve included, handles included in Starlight chrome

Amazon Price: $450.75 (without tax)
Lowes Price: $390.53 (without tax)

Amazon Link:

Lowes Link:

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It's worth keeping an eye out on Ebay. I just scored 2 Grohe Talia faucets in chrome on Ebay for $119 each including shipping. They are brand new and arrived perfect.

We were able to bid on them. Seller has multiples.

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Your lowes link doesn't work so I can't check, but you need to make sure the model number is *exactly* the same for both to be sure it's the exact same faucet. If there's even a single digit different, it's not the same faucet.

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Nine years ago when we were building our house, I had read that the big box stores sell an inferior product and made sure to purchase through a plumbing supplier so as to have the best quality. That said, I wonder if its actually true or if it matters. Our Kohler Vinatta faucet started leaking awhile ago. I called Kohler and they sent out a cartridge for free. The faucet continued to leak after replacing the cartridge so Kohler sent out a whole brand new gorgeous faucet at no charge. They have a lifetime warranty and never asked me where I bought the faucet. Their only question was if I am the original owner. So, I'm thinking what does it matter as long as we stay with quality brands that carry a lifetime warranty like Kohler, Moen or Delta? After our nightmare experience with Newport Brass and their stingy one year warrantee I'll always buy lifetime warranty over pretty bling bling (My new Delta Brizos are pretty snazzy anyway and warranted for life). I say go with the best price.

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They say that if the number is EXACTLY the same, it's the same product, but if there's even one number difference it's a special made for the box store that may have plastic where the original has metal. But I've had a big box store cheap Moen faucet and Moen honored the warranty just fine.

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The model number is exactly the same.

Thanks for your inputs! Will definitely check eBay as well.

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Also, buying from an expensive plumbing supply ie: Fergusons, doesn't guarantee you won't get cheap plastic parts. I rejected two very expensive Brizo shower heads a few weeks ago because they were almost 100% molded chrome painted plastic. The showroom didn't have them in stock to touch and see in person so the sales girl showed us photos in her catalog. There's something to be said for the variety and quantity of stock and the ability to touch the actual product in the big box stores too.

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Beware of counterfeit faucets. Yes, they are definitely out there and frequently sold on eBay. See link below for tons of good info on how to purchase a faucet, brands and manufacturers, and a section on counterfeits.

Carol in Jacksonville

Here is a link that might be useful: StarCraft - Faucet Fundamentals

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