AVG popup keeps reminding me to update

TerrapotsJune 9, 2012

I updated AVG 2012 from the quickstart icon after I got a popup that I needed to update. I also ran a full scan. However, I still keep getting the popup telling me to update. What could be going on? I am running desktop HP Media Center, XP with the last SP (I think 3) and MBAM about once a week. I don't trust updating anything from the popups; I think I'm paranoid.

Another question, is there a way to keep my user name logged in or am I deleting it every time I run a scan?

And, thanks, whoever got rid of the Netflix that screamed at me whenever I exited some of the forums.

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It's perfectly safe to update from the pop up. Try it, that may end the problem.

IF you mean that every time you visit the GardenWeb you have to login, next time you login scroll down a bit and you'll see the little box that you need the place a check in that will save your credentials so you don't have to keep typing it in every time you visit. If you use Ccleaner or something similar it may clear out your user name and password but all you'll have to do is place a check in that box again to be remembered.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

did you reboot the pc after you did the update? if not try that to see if maybe the update has not yet registered in the program yet.

I hope this is not going to be another AVG disaster.

I really am starting to hate AVG lately they are not making good decisions with their product.

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I'm half sure I rebooted, but maybe I just hibernated it. I'll turn it off to see if that does it. BBluz, I always check the little box below but it doesn't stay checked. It's not that big a deal but wonder why other sites keep my ID and GW doesn't. Funny, considering there's nothing I've entered here that's that confidential!

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We have a similar problem with my husbands laptop. Updated AVG and he keeps getting a popup to 'reboot to finish install'. He's rebooted a hundred times and it won't go away.

I'm tempted to just uninstall it and use another AV, although he hasn't had any problems before with AVG. He also has XP.

Might have to uninstall and reinstall to see if it stops. I'm going to try that first.


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CCleaner has an option to save your cookies for places like garden web. Click on options, then cookies and you can move the garden web cookie to the right hand side and it will be saved when you clean your cookies. I check the box on this site and it didn't save if I cleaned out my cookies.

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OK, I restarted the computer and no popup came up. Let's see if it stays down. Thanks for the trick.

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