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Kinsley7July 15, 2014

I really like the look of this home, but I'm not sure if the changes I would need to make would result in a mismatched look.
1) This porch is 12' deep, I only want a 9' deep front porch and slightly smaller porch posts.
2) I would like to make the porch about 6' wider on both sides.
3) I would use windows as opposed to French doors.
4) This stone is gorgeous and I could get it wholesale....but the cost of installation would most likely be too expensive. Would this style look terrible with Hardi exterior?

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I don't think the changes you are proposing would look bad, necessarily, but they would definitely make it look very different from the picture. Would you still be doing the "wings" in the antique-looking brick? I think the architect was going for that "added-on over time" look. It is lovely, and the stone/brick combination is a HUGE part of the look. Also, the proportions of the porch and columns just looks "right." I am not sure how changing them would affect the appeal, it might be fine or it might look "off."

Someone once posted something in the Kitchen forum about how little tweaks and substitutions can lead one very far from their inspiration picture in the end. I am afraid there is a danger of that here. The end result might be fine, but I don't think it will look like that picture. HTH! It is a lovely home!

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When you say windows, Hardie board siding, and changing the porch - I automatically start thinking farmhouse. So maybe you should look at farmhouse designs.

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I would not be doing the wings, just a garage. I assume this is a multimillion $ home, which is not in my price range. I like the symmetry, the large porch, square columns, the shape and size of the upper center window and the front door is perfect....I hope that I can incorporate these things into a less formal farmhouse. Also, the roof pitch is perfect on this house. Looking through plans, I've seen SO many houses with Palladian windows and overwhelming rooflines... anything different is refreshing. I don't know why, but I hate circular and half-circle windows.

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There isn't a Palladian window on this house.

Edited to add - I just realized you said that you don't like houses with Palladian windows.

You say you like the symmetry, but if you have a garage on one side, and a porch sticking out 6' on the opposite side, you will not have any symmetry.

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Our Town Plans has a plan with a similar exterior but more budget friendly. Uses siding and a narrower porch, simpler window in center gable, windows instead of doors on the porch. Lots of photos of versions of that on the web. Try searching Our Town Plans with Coastal Living Holiday House, "Reidsville," "Shenandoah" or "Waterboro". Sorry don't know how to post links from mobile device.

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pixie_lou: I want to put the garage in the back and have doors on both ends (drive-thru) husband thinks my drive-thru idea is nutty though. Also, I want the porch equally wider on both sides.
Oaktown: Thanks for the info, lots of nice plans to look through on their site. One thing I'm struggling with is having room for 4 bedrooms upstairs. I know I'm in the minority, but I like the master upstairs. We do have a room on the first floor with a full bath that can function as a bedroom if necessary ( for injured or elderly).

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If you are putting a garage on the back, might you have room for a master suite above? Here are some images for the exterior look:

Traditional Exterior by Peachtree City Architects & Building Designers Our Town Plans

Traditional Exterior by Peachtree City Architects & Building Designers Our Town Plans

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Changing porch to 9ft would probably improve the appearance, because the roof would have a bit more slope. I dislike the large middle dormer and the arch-top window in it. Maybe just if the window were switched IDK. Three identical dormers would suit this one better, but if you need the space, look at the treatment of the above pic posted by Oaktown; that dormer works, I think because it is way different than the ones that flank it.

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I do like the houses that Oaktown posted above. We once owned a home with a FROG and it was difficult to heat and cool, it makes me hesitant to put bedrooms over the garage.

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The porch depth isn't going to be at issue--you can shrink it up a bit. BUT, this house has a very tall first floor (more than 9 feet; maybe 12). I've seen a number of "oopsies! Help!" posts on here (a couple years ago) for people who wanted transom windows (like this house has) because they saw them on houses like this (tall front door with transom above, etc).

The problem was, they thought they had "tall ceilings" to accomodate those transoms, but when they actually did it, the transoms ended up squatty looking... why? 9 or 10 feet ceilings weren't actually tall enough to get the look they were wanting.

So, besides the porch depth, if you are loving the front door/center dormer look, you need to make sure you build in enough ceiling height.

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You're correct kirkhall. The front rooms have 10' ceiling height, and I only plan on having 9' ceilings in the front rooms. I'm glad you brought that to my attention.

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The strength of the design is the dormers penetrating the roof eave in a formal stylistic manner so you must be careful to not corrupt that idea with less formal ideas.

Horizontal siding will not work with the segmental arched central dormer window; it needs to be in masonry but real or synthetic stucco would work.

The porch can be less deep and longer but it would be a mistake to make the posts smaller. It's a beautiful house so you should trust the skill of the designer.

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I agree with you Renovator8, one shouldn't mess with perfection. I'm scrapping the idea all together. When I see a design that's not overdone, it's refreshing and I'm drawn to it. My parents own a craftsman style home that my great- grandparents built in the 1940's. Everyone loves the house, it's timeless. The exterior look is better suited for a house in town though, not on acreage like we are building on.....but I am trying to incorporate the basic style and feel of the house into my new home. It's symmetrical, has lots of windows, a large front porch, dining room open to living room ( not open to the kitchen). Another thing, it faces directly south.....maybe that gives it a good vibe as well.

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This is one of my inspiration pics. I love this house. Our porch is 10 ft deep and we have 2 bedrooms upstairs with 9 ft ceilings. 10 ft first floor. Unfortunately dh and I are seriously thinking of scrapping our whole project because the house became bigger than we ever envisioned. I love this house but common sense must prevail. We will see.

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Nice looking house red_lover, it looks huge....what's the square footage?

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