Lacanche or La Cornue?

bigds01August 13, 2013

So I am narrowing down my choices to a Lancanche or La Cornue CornueFe 110 or a Lacanche Cluny (I think).

Any opinions? Both are a large investment.

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There are lots of posts about Lacanche. I have the cluny and have been thrilled senseless for years now! If you do a search you can find lots of opinions.

Here is a link that might be useful: The last lacanche part 43

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Thanks, I read the posts. It looks like lancanche just has a ton of problems. Now however there are like three other brands I have to go look at.

Which brand has the hottest burners on the home market? Not one burner, but I want 4-6 that are above 15k.

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Which brand has the hottest burners on the home market? Not one burner, but I want 4-6 that are above 15k.

Capital Culinarian old stock ranges have all 23k btu open burners capable of 145 degree simmer.* New ones have one small pot burner/dedicated simmer but they have not published the stats on their website.

Optional griddle and hybrid grill. Grill gets you most of the power of infrared with the variable temperature range to go low enough to grill veggies too.

Gas oven has optional self-clean and motorized rotisserie. Comes in SS or 8 optional colors. Site below is from a large Capital Culinarian dealer not the manufacture itself but has a lot of good info.

If you are willing to go silly expensive($40k plus) for a 40" plus range Molteni has 32k btu burners.

* I have a 36" Culinarian with self-clean oven. I messed around with air shutter adjustment and the space between the igniter and burner. I got one burner to go down to 137 degrees. Good enough for the most delicate of French sauces without using a bain-marie.

Here is a link that might be useful: Culinarian

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I disagree with the poster who queried this post bjDs01.
I too researched LaCanche, Blue Star, CC,La Cornue CornueFe 110, Wolf, Bertazonni, etc.
LaCanche did not have a lot of problems at all. Each company has some issues. I read far and wide about each brand - performance, cost, service, cooking styles, likes, dislikes etc from all over the web: GW, Chow hound, Chef talk, private homes, etc.
LaCanche actually had more people voice love for their ranges than not and Blue Star also had a lot of love except for a spate of issues with a door problem in production that was addressed and fixed.
One of the best things about LaCanche I found out is that the company is run with exceptional professionalism and true knowledge of their product. This came across time after time. It is not a big brand name company with lots and lots of reps and once you buy, that is it. It was harder to parse out La Cornue CornueFe 110 because the complaints were people dealing with their issues directly with La Cornue and also with Williams and Sonoma, which now sells the ranges.
ALso, to actually install a truly professional range in your apartment and or home, there are codes that are bit more stringent than installing a "pro" range, made for home use. No "pro" home use range will have what you want. But if allowed, and you meet code, you can get a commercial range. But why?
One of the most talented chefs on the planet in his kitchen owns and cooks for family and friends and develops recipes on a LaCanche. Just saying...

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