Using manual ice trays in bottom freezer refrigerator

bpollenAugust 7, 2013

I don't like icemakers (they break & they're noisy, and I don't use much ice), so I use old fashioned ice trays and small ice tub. I've had a side by side for 20 years but am considering a bottom freezer as my new fridge. They look great in the stores and people seem to love them, but I'm wondering if it's feasible to use ice trays in a bottom freezer, since I'd be putting trays of water in a moving freezer drawer. Wouldn't the water splash out of the trays?

I also wonder if it's a hassle to get to the ice, since the trays would be located in the upper basket in the freezer. So I'd have to pull open the drawer, bend over, pull out the top basket, then get the ice tub out. That seems to be a lot of activity just to get a couple of ice cubes.

Does anyone have any experience with this? How about the hassle of getting ice out of ice tub when it's from the bottom freezer's icemaker?

In my side by side, I just open the door and the ice trays and tub are located on a shelf at eye level, so it's very stable to move trays of water into and easy to reach in for just a couple of cubes. (There are almost no side by sides that will fit my space, any more, though. They've gotten larger, even those that are the same cf as the one I have!).

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Rather than take my word that I have no trouble using old-fashioned (aka "manual") ice trays in a bottom freezer how abouyt you take a bottle of waterr and an ice tray to store and check it out for yourself?

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Good idea. I'll do that.

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