AGA 6-4 Is it being discontinued????

Zippity-do-dahAugust 31, 2012

Oh, This is horrible. We just heard from a distributor that the AGA 6-4 is being discontinued and....worse yet...there are only 6 new AGA 6-4 left in the USA. Someone, please tell me this is not so.

YooHoo, Marthavila, are you out there? I need you. Do you have any name or number we can call to confirm or disaffirm this information?

Anybody else???

Thank you so much

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Wow, Zip. This is news to me! You might want to try calling Aga Marvel directly at 1-800-223-3900. As a matter of fact, I'm going to call them myself right after the holiday! Let's agree that if either us (or anyone else) finds out anything more substantive, we'll post it here.

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Lots of brickbats for this model on British forums esp regarding it being a first attempt at an electronic control system. If discontinued, and combine that with a tiny installed American customer base suggests look elsewhere.

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The news is correct, the AGA 6/4 is discontinued. I tried to get hold of one two weeks ago and was told nobody including AGA has one avaialble.

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I should have known you would have known, Trevor! So, tell me, as an owner of a 6-4, what does this news mean to me? At 4 years in, I've not needed service on my unit since some early work was done. But, what happens should I need service in the future? What about parts? What happens to the thrill of my writing posts about how much I love my Aga 6-4? LOL

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Such a disappointment, and not a very auspicious introductory post on the Gardenweb site either. Would've been cheerier for everyone if I began my posting with "have just joined the AGA club with a 6-4" etc.

We recently started the real work on our new home. Demo was completed 1 week ago and concrete for the foundation was poured yesterday. It'll be about another 11 months or more before appliances will be installed. Had my heart set on an Aubergine AGA 6-4.

Marthavila, I've read so many of your posts, you felt like a reliable dear friend. Here you are, the first one to respond. Thank you!

Trevor, thanks for confirming the sad news. Was hoping the salesperson was misinformed.

Laat2, thanks for your logical reasoning for AGA's decision.

Amazingly, GARDENweb is the best place to get honest-to-goodness reviews about appliances...for FREE. Expanded our options from stainless steel to appliances in color to brands not commonly seen on the floors of the average showroom.

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