MSWorks Calendar Appointments Backup

mxyplxJune 21, 2011

I use the MS Works Calendar and like it. Tried several others - didn't like em so that's what I use. Well yesterday the mswkscal.wcd file got corrupted AGAIN (midday); couldn't open Calendar. So!

I have become adept at fixing that problem (see my post MsWorks Calendar Problem Mssg, Apr 17, 10 at 21:41) but, of course, all the appointments are lost. I can usually psych em out but that is a pain. Especially since some are a couple years out.

THIS time, while doing my semi-annual fix, I decided to back them up SOMEHOW tho I hadn't a clew how that might be did. I even considered using that disgusting substance known as paper. Well after perusing the help menu it's the simplest thing. Merely export periodically all the appointments to a file (calendar.ics) maybe in My Docs. This file can be easily imported into the blank reinstalled Calendar. Or any other calendar for that matter.

At the very least it can be opened with a spreadsheet or even Notepad and the dates picked out which is way better than psyching em out. I hope this breakthru helps somebody. I rather spect everybody but me knew it anyway.

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My suggestion would be Google calendar. :-)

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