Frameless Shower Door & Shower Pan Size

troyce1October 2, 2012

My wife and I looking to add a master bath in our house.

Originally we were just going to put in a standard tub w/ shower and tile.

But now we are looking at larger shower w/ frameless door.

The size we have planned now is 36" x 36" , but we are considering making it 36" x 48" or even a little bigger, however, I have been unable to find a shower pan that has the door side on the narrow end if we elongate it? Does anyone know where we can find shower pans that have those types of openings on the narrow side? If we can't find a pan like that we could still elongate the stall, use a 36"x36" pan and build a bench to take up the additional space.

Also, we are looking for a frameless door as mentioned. Upon a few google searches, I have seen a few nice ones linked below, but am wondering if anyone has additional recommendations.

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Get a custom door in my opinion from a local retailer.

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"The size we have planned now is 36" x 36"

That is probably too small. Make a mockup by stacking boxes to head height around the edge of a 36" square, get in it and see if you can shampoo your hair and wash your ankles without bumping the boxes. Keep enlarging the space until you no longer knock over boxes. Then add enough room to allow for the grab bars.

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@Lazygardens - I mentioned above we want to enlarge it to 36" W x 48"D or Deeper, but anything above a 36" Wide shower will make the closet in the bedroom we are taking the space away from not work. We are taking the large closet away from this room, and need to replace it with a smaller 48" W x 24" D Closet.

As mentioned above does anyone know where I can find quality shower pans with the 36" side that has the entrance?

I looked into having the pan be custom tiled, but I am worried about having long term maintenance issues regarding leaking and mold.

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Check swanstone. We needed a door on the short side and swanstone was the only one who had it. Plenty of places told us it didn't exist.

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I looked only at cast iron, and could not find one with the door on the short side. Maybe that will save you some looking.

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