Adobe Flash player problem - won't work

zekethecatJune 17, 2013

I've repeatedly downloaded Adobe flash player and a message displays that it was successfully downloaded and installed.

Problem is - that when I try to use it in an application it doesn't work and a message comes up saying that I need to download it to make the application work.

So it's in my computer (Windows 7) but won't work- any idea's on why or what I can do ?

Thanks for any help - Zeke

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First guess:

Are you installing the correct version; I.E. vs. Non-I.E.?

If you are doing a "run-install" you absolutely have to be downloading the proper version. If you are doing a "save-install" you can use any browser to download-save-install either version, but it will only effect the target browser..

In my case I have FF, Opera, Google, SlimBrowser and I.E.9 installed on the system so I have both versions of Flash installed.

Use the tool below to uninstall whatever you currently have installed. Then be triple sure you install the correct one.


Here is a link that might be useful: Flash Uninstaller

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