Printing Folders List

leslie_gardenerJune 7, 2011

In Documents/Music I have many folders (artist's names)

I'd like to print a list of these folders but it

doesn't seem possible.

Am I missing something?

Any help would be welcome.

Thank you

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If you open your music folder and view the contents as a list you should be able to click on the first one to select it then hold down the shift key to select the last one you want to print. This should select the whole list so that you can copy and paste it or maybe just print the selection.

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I guess I was a little unclear.
I don't want to print the folder contents just
print a list of the folder names.
Rolling Stones
The Kinks
Russ Conway etc

Copy/Paste to a programme with print capabilities will not take just the title, it will transfer the contents as well.
This gives me a bunch of MP3 icons

Typing the names into Wordpad or the like is not an option.
Way too many.

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Hello leslie_gardener

Here is an old post that may help you. As you read all the replys
you will see I use and recomand Karen's Directory File Printer. It's very easy to use, and it will do just what you want to do..

Hope this helps

Let us know how you made out...

Have A Nice Day

Here is a link that might be useful: Copy folder lists -- By jane__ny

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Thank you linesman, appreciated.
That post tipped me off to the Snipping tool.

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