front steps design and material question

Bridget HelmJuly 30, 2013

We are going to have semi circle steps from the sidewalk to the front entry. My husband wants to use dolphin fin slate for the sidewalk,steps, and floors of the tiny porch/entry. I like them, but am afraid that the steps won't turn out right with a slate. So I am leaning towards salvaged brick. It just seems easier to work with brick in making the arc of the steps than with slate.

I got a sample of the dolphin fin slate and it is more brittle than most slates, but it comes in many sizes, so maybe a combo of the sizes will work. It is what we will be using in the kitchen, laundry, mudroom, and guest bath

My other concern with the slate is that it won't bring enough color to the house. We are going cream on the stucco and painting the bricks the same and we will have blue gray windows and greenish blue shutters. So I thought the brick would add a touch of color?? I like the buff blends rather than the reds

Could steps similar to the pic below be accomplished with the sizes of slate tiles dolphin fin comes in?

or would it make more sense and be easier to go with old brick for steps similar to this

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Hi Bmh4796,

I have no idea if you would be interested in a different option, but solid stone steps can be had from some quarries at a reasonable cost. They are very durable and beautiful. We were going to do the thin stone clad look, and Renovator8 from GW suggested we go for full stone steps. We had to drive 3 hours to an area noted for beautiful stone and made a deal with the quarry to cut down the slab and steps we needed. I have seen places that sell stone steps that are semi-circles too (probably more the landscape yards). Here is one link, but probably not your cheapest option unless you are far from a stone quarry.


Here is a link that might be useful: possible granite steps

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Bridget Helm

thanks. i wonder if i should look into slate slabs from the stone yard. we have quite a few stone yards here in baton rouge that i can check out. which reminds me, i need to get serious about picking out countertops. of course, i want the most expensive - quartzite, so i've been avoiding this decision. ;)

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