Favorite feature in your closet?

Becky BerendOctober 22, 2012

We are adding on and I am finally getting a walk-in closet. I want to do lots of built-in's like drawers for clothes and racks for shoes. What cool features do I need to look into for storage and/or organization? Anything you wish you had done?

Thanks in advance!! Man, remodeling comes with lots of question marks!!!

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A co-worker of mine has a master closet adjacent to her master bathroom. They put in some shared drawers between the master closet and bathroom. I believe this allows them access to some of their clean clothes from the bathroom, as well as a shared hamper for dirty clothes. I love the idea and wish I had something similar in my master bath and closet.

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We put John Louis Home in our master closets. You can visit their website to see all the bells and whistles. One such bell is a retracting valet hook, which is nifty for taking suits or dresses on/off hangers.

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I love everything about my closet!

Shoe, purse and sweater storage:

Jewelry storage:

Pants racks:

And more jewelry storage:

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Beagles, I just can't get enough of your house! The details never cease to amaze!

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I am glad that I had the electrician add an outlet during our remodel. I use it for speakers, charger, etc.

I also like that I used some of the extra marble from the tub surround to make a shelf/vanity under the window and above the floor vent. This space couldn't have been used for shelves or rods anyway.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I have a seat in my closet which I use all the time. We also built a wall safe into the closet to put my more valuable but frequently used jewelry.

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In the house we lived in when I was a teenager I had a small walk in closet. It had a light that worked like a refrigerator's. On when the door was open, off when the door was closed. I have always thought that was clever.

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Our walk in closet is very small but we were able to fit in a lot of function. I think my favorite thing are the drawers where I keep much of what use to be in a dresser in our bedroom. The top drawer contains my jewelry. Love how I can get completely dressed in one space.

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"Man, remodeling comes with lots of question marks!!!"

Heh-heh! Welcome to the addictive world of remodeling. You should see my color-coded, multiple-sheet spreadsheet!

I am going to use IKEA PAX closet solutions with sliding doors so I don't have to see any mess - not that I'm messy...

: 0

Plus PAX sliding doors come in a mirrored style so you have a full-length mirror as well. I also want to get a small, low cabinet to use as storage and make into a bench with a cushion for the middle of the closet.

PAX has a lot of nifty add-on modules for all kinds of storage, and you can buy those "innards" to use in other closet systems as well.

I love the lazy susan idea - they sell those in plastic for pantries, I wonder if one of those would work for shoes.

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We used Costco's association w/ "Easy Closets" to design our closets on-line. They will provide LOTS of help as you design creating a CAD drawing. You input measurements, placement of doors & windows, pick features & cabinet styles you want -- actually I think they will almost do it for you, but DH kept wanting to "get-it-right" before he called for guidance . . . Anyway, they have lots of features & it seems they/Costco offer a promotional discount around January & made the purchase decision even easier. (If I remember correctly -- original Costco discount is 15% off & gave additional 10 to 15% for promotion.)

They custome cut & ship via UPS with diagrams for installing or you can have a contractor/handyman install. DH did ours, but he is pretty handy. :-)

The things I love:
-- Fold out ironing board!!!!! :)
-- Retractable posts to hang clothes on-the-way-in or when putting outfits together
-- dedicated shoe shelves
-- drawers
-- DH has retractables for belts & ties
-- Light switch on inside & outside of closet in case I forget -- inevitably -- to turn off light as I exit closet

Our Master Closet is off the Master Bath. There are 2 things I'd do differently: I wanted a broad uncrowded vanity so added 6 to 12 inches to bath (which removed from closet) & we had 2 closets, 2 doors & went to 1, but I insisted on a 36-inch door (pocket door) so DH & I wouldn't crowd each other as we ran in & out of the closet -- Both were not necessary & took away from closet space -- so sad, but still wonderful.

Good luck!

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Other than its large size, one of my favorite features of our closet is this island cabinet I built to sort laundry and hold clothes. After I took this picture I added an ironing board on top. We have an outlet for the iron that is mounted above the height of the cabinet with a switch to turn the iron on and off.

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A canvas shoe holder on the back of the closet door. IN fact, I have installed something on the back of almost every closet door! It's a great use of space.

Love the retractable valet rods and belt/scarf hook as well.

And I love lots of small hooks and many levels - in a coat closet, they're great for umbrellas and canvas bags.

In BR closet, good for anything like cameras, belts, bags, sweatshirts, etc. Can't have enough hooks, esp in a kids' room!

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Recently we added a jewelry armoire mirror that is at the far end of the closet. Our closet is long and narrow so when you walk in you see an almost full length mirror at the other end. It opens and there is plenty of space on just about anything. Actually got it from Kirklands - special order. Not crazy about the antique silver finish, but that can be changed if we're so inclined. Didn't want a standing jewelry box nor a box on my dresser. This seemed like a good alternative.

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