Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher

lisaskitchenAugust 17, 2009

Does anyone own a Frigidaire Gallery Dishwasher, it seems to have all the things I like for a good price. The controls are hidden, claims to be very quiet, plenty of room (family of 5), stemware guard, all for $494.99 at Sears. The model we looked at was FGHD2433 in white.

My current Maytag always had a lot of steam coming out the front vent holes, but we did notice this dishwasher doesn't have the vent holes, but the saleman can't answer our question....where does all the steam vent?


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I believe that particular dishwasher vents through the top, near the control panel. If that's right, be careful if you install this with laminate countertops, as the moisture can be harmful to the countertop substrate.

This is a new model from Frigidaire, and I don't know that there will be many people with much experience with it yet. Good luck, lisaskitchen!

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We were trying to avoid d/w that vent like that, because we have Corian. Do all the d/w with the hidden control panels vent like that? I really do like that look, but need to look out for my countertop.


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I had the same concern regarding steam vents, so went with the Whirlpool Gold GU2475XTVY. It has hidden controls, but the steam vent is on the front so there's no steam hitting the underside of the counter.

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How did you get that model already, Lowe's doesn't get that one until next month? What is the db rating on that model?

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I purchased it several weeks ago from a local independent dealer. I think you can find it at places like Sears or Best Buy if Lowes does not have it.

I don't know the actual db rating, but find it to be very quiet. It's not as quiet as some of the high end KA or Bosch models I looked at, but it also was not as high end in terms of cost (paid $600 plus tax).

So far I've been pleased with the performance.

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WE looked at the DW but DH didn't like how the spray pipe for the top rack attached. He said it wasn't a flange and looked like it would leak easily. So we went with a different brand.

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Not sure about the new models, but the models before this have vents on the SIDES of the door. Some of those also have a fan that helps with the drying.
If you have Corian I would think any style vent would work. I know that some of the new Maytags have "ventless" systems.
Also, used to be that with the KitchenAids for instance, their models with the vent on the top of the console, it would stay closed for 4 hours after the cycle finished. This way, less moisture hit your countertops. Not sure if they still work this way or not.

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I emailed Frigidaire to ask them about it and this is their response.

"This unit has a vent on the top of the tub and is located in the right rear
corner. What this vent does it pulls the surrounding air and blows it into
the tub. The increase in the air pressure in the tub will push the steam
through the inner door (this contains a moisture extraction system) and
vents it under the door."

Now I'm worried about my floor! I think shopping for a dishwasher has been more frustrating than any other appliance. I like the Whirlpool mentioned above, but not the silverware holder on the door, doesn't seem to hold very much.

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I had to add to this post about the Frigidare Dishwasher... I had the previous model Before the Gallery series.. Looked exactly the same... I had vents that vented out the sides on the top of the dishwasher.. It worked great.. washed wonderful.. dried everything Completely.. It was wonderful....... Until.. I noticed my cabinets warping and coming apart at the seams from all the steam being vented through the sides..:-(( My cabinets are somewhat ruined.. Thank goodness I noticed it before they were totally trashed.. I now have Miele dishwasher.. do to the fact that they do not vent anywhere.. I was going to go with a Magtag that also doesn't vent outside of the tub.. but for a few more dollars went for the lower line Miele Inspira and we love it.. best dishwasher we have had yet.......quite and washes well..... doesn't dry as wonderful as the Frigidaire but I would rather have slightly damp plastics.. rather than a warped kitchen from all the steam ...

I do think that if a dishwasher vents onto the floor.. one is looking for trouble down the line.. The steam can warp the floor.. or go under the cabinets and warp them as well....... I hope this helps someone..:-))

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If this is the one I just saw, its got a stainless interior and a cleanable filter. It shur don't look like it comes from 'round these parts.

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