Wondering about this, could someone help?

shaddy101June 25, 2013

I belong to a file sharing group, and to share, it must be on the desktop for access. I am seeing a lot of disk usage by this particular file, cuz it is quite large, and wonder, if I were to put it on a USB stick, and plug it in, would I be able to access it without being on the desktop? Or, do I have to put it out there each time I am online for the sharing? Inquiring minds want to know.
I think I already know the answer, just want verification is all. Many thanks!

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You allow strangers access to your computer?

I would assume any software used directs people to your desktop only (hopefully) so moving it elsewhere would likely make it unavailable to others.

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Even if they aren't strangers, I wonder how you can ever be sure that a member of the group hasn't had their computer compromised...which might make your computer vulnerable. Based only on whats been posted, this has so many bad possibilities it staggers the imagination.

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I have never used sharing, I figured it's only for the people in your house, children for example or if I am using my laptop and need something from my desktop???

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