How to transfer large videos from iPhone to XP

ginjjJune 7, 2012

I've read that Windows can't import large videos from iPhones. I have several large videos and they have not been imported. I have to get them off my phone to free up space for more videos!! I would love a suggestion on how to do this; and as easy as possible. I have Windows XP and the iPhone 3Gs.



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hook your iPhone up with usb cord... then look at the removeable drive letter in MyComputer that should show your iPhone as a new drive letter

.. open it just like you would any drive or folder... find the video's ^& copy them one at a time to another folder on your standard hard drive

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

another option is to store them all online in a storage locker like ADRIVE which can be accessed by you with any device since it is kept online. I use ADRIVE they give you 50GB free storage.
Personal Basic (FREE 50GB)

there are several other good online storage sites like dropbox you might consider.

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Don't have an Iphone but can't you put them in the cloud then access it that way from the computer? I transfer everything via Bluetooth from my android phone to my computer. Bought a nice little USB Bluetooth adapter for $20 and love it. I can also access Verizon cloud from the computer to get at my files. Mary

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If your videos are taken with the iPhone's built-in camera, you can use Windows import utility to transfer videos from iPhone to Windows XP. Or, you can first back up your iPhone with iTunes, then use Jihosoft Free iPhone Backup Extractor to extract videos from iPhone backup. This tool allows you export the videos and save on your computer. Have a try.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to transfer videos from iPhone to computer

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