Has anyone seriously regretted marble in their bathroom?

rebecks99October 22, 2012

Marble in the bathroom? Regrets? Whether it's your floor, counter and/or shower? Man it's pretty ... but scares me!

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My contractor talked me out of even considering it. Said that only people who can afford to retile their bathroom every few years should consider it. He (and his co-worker) said it ages quickly.

But... I talked to someone just this morning who had "tumbled" marble in her bathroom and she said it still looks great after 12 years.

Even with that good report, though, it scares me too much and the porcelain marble looks pretty good to me. Our remodel hasn't started yet and tile hasn't been bought yet but we can't afford to re-do this bathroom and from what I hear, porcelain is nearly indestructable.

Good luck.

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There was one poster here, one of the more popular marble subway bathrooms, who had a quite a saga when getting her tile. She posted as jeanninePC99, but I can't find her posts by that name.

Anyway, her bath was a smashing success here, and then two years later she posted this on her blog, about the one big regret she had. It's a pity the photos aren't available because it was a gorgeous little bath. You can see her bath album here.

Here is a link that might be useful: one thing I would change

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Oh, I should have specified her complaint was about using basketweave, not about all marble. Sorry, I seem not to have mentioned that.

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We have two bathrooms with marble. No regrets here. yet there is some etching but a light colored marbled doesnt show it much. The look of natural stone is unmatched in porcelain especially when you are close to the tile.

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For those giving a testimonial for marble, would you let us know how long the marble has been installed, please?

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I chose polished cararra marble remnants for our separate vanities in our master bath. They definitely etch like crazy- everything from toothpaste to hand soap to saline solution for my contacts. The polish is pretty much gone and they have more of a honed appearance. I have not had a problem with staining at all. These were not sealed and I have had them for 4 years.

Even with all the etching, I love them and would not trade them for anything! They still make my heart pitter patter a little each time I see them!

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I've had marble in my bathroom for ~4 years now. Not only was it a lot more expensive than budgeted because there's a lot more wastage while cutting the tile, but four years later, I am not sure if I would do it again. Of course the beauty of it is ethereal. We recently got porcelain tile in our kitchen that "looks like marble", but.....one month after installation, it's no marble, although it is very relaxing to walk on a surface that would forgive you for spilling wine, soy sauce, lemon juice, tomato ketchup and bunch of other things.

Marble maintenance is painful. Even a bottle of toilet cleaner left on the tile will leave a permanent ring on the stone.

So, my advice is this: try looking into alternatives. At the same time, if you must get marble in your bathroom, do your due diligence on how to keep it clean without etching it. A lot of cleaners will etch it. It's not a material I would choose for a bath other than Master bath where access is limited and people who use the space are careful.

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I've had polished marble floors for 6 years in our masterbath. I just sealed it for the first time about a year ago. It does etch more from use that anything else and it has lost shine. There are no children using our bathroom. I still enjoy them. No regrets.

Within the last year, we have updated the tile and I added marble mosiac niche in the shower, marble window sill, marble on the half wall between shower and bath.

I am in the process of thinking about a new countertop and painting the vanity. As much as I love the floors, it's not a choice for the counter. I don't want to have to worry about stains or about chips from something falling on it (like to nozzle from my hair dryer).

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