Is this a Windows Vista probem or internet?

katy1234_gwJune 20, 2013

Seems I can't access either Fidelity website or site. I get the "server not found" error. Everywhere else I go things are fine. Any ideas? thanks

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Well now both of those sites are working. What's up with that? Must have been a odd coincidence. It's nice to know this site is here anyway. :)

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Probably/possibly your internet provider went down for a while for whatever reason.

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Or, the ISP routing to a specific site temporarily collapsed from usage which reduced traffic flow. This could cause site requests to time out.

All site requests do not go through the same portals or routes.


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Yes,I thought maybe the bad stock market caused the problem with Fidelity but when gave the same message but I could still go to any other site I didn't know if Java or some such thing got corrupted. Thanks to both of you for responding/

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