Advantium + 1 wall oven, or 2?

lmgchAugust 13, 2014

We have been messing around with our preliminary plans and our architect is starting to push for us to meet to nail down construction documents.

I need to get my head straight about ovens.

Right now the plans have an induction cook top and then two wall ovens and an in cabinet microwave

However, I've read so many positive things about the Advantium, that I'd love to consider incorporating. Especially if this can truly replace one of the aforementioned appliances.

So, if you have an Advantium, please answer the following:
1. What exact model do you have?
2. Do you have one or two additional ovens?
3. Do you have a separate microwave, or do you use the Advantium only? (I don't cook in the micro, but do use to reheat daily)
4. Where is your located (wall or in-island)?

Many thanks

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My Advantium is a darned good microwave. It's an expensive way to go for a microwave, however, if you don't intend to use it as a speed oven. Microwaves, by their nature, lose power over time, so that also means it'll need to be replaced sooner than a regular oven.

1. Monogram Pro 240

2. One full sized regular oven, one smaller convection-steam combi oven.

3. I use the Advantium as you do your MW, to heat this and that. No other microwave.

4. Mine is on the wall opposite the ovens, at the height it would be if it were sitting on the counter, with a drawer underneath for the rack and trays (and a couple of lids and potholders).

You didn't ask, but I use mine mostly as an MW and convection oven. When I chose it, I did intend to use the speed features more, and I am grateful to have speed when I need it, but various aspects of my lifestyle changed before my kitchen was installed and I just don't need that fast. Given that, I have better ways of cooking most things when I have the time. Speed is fine, but I'm a big fan of low and slow...

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