WIN7 Onenote2010

Sue_vaJune 21, 2013

Using Firefox 21.0

Trying to print a document for the first time with WIN7.

I click on print and get this: "Send to Onenote 2010"

I want to uninstall Onenote, but it is not listed in Control Panel. It is listed in Control Panel Updates. Can I uninstall from there, and it will be gone?

I have had WIN7 for about month now, and still have some tweaking to do.



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You're printing a document from Firefox? Please give more details.

Is the printer set up as the default printer for this PC? If not, you need to establish a physically connection for the printer (to the PC, to the router, or is it wireless?) and then click on Start, Devices and Printers to establish the setup and have the printer recognized as the default device.

You may need to reboot your PC, or restart whatever program you're printing from.

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After doing some more reading about Onenote, I've decided to just keep it. Might be useful some day.



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Sue, I have one note on my PC, but have never used it. I just checked my control panel, devices and printers and one note is there with the the same message you got beneath it. You need to make sure your printer is set as default printer as another poster suggested.

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Something got lost in translation.

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Emma, I always enjoy your posts. You are way ahead of me with these new-fangled PC's. WIN7 is the trickiest one I've ever had.

Snidely, you are right, I don't speak WIN7 fluently yet.


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Thank you Sue, I have had every OS since W 98 and 7 was the hardest one to learn and adjust to. Thank goodness for googling. Terminology was always a problem with me since I was the first with a computer in my family except for my younger sister and she did DOS and boy I really didn't speak that. I am very good at what I do on the PC and good at protecting it, but that is not saying much considering all that computers can do.

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