GE Cafe gas range opinions?

cath_mdAugust 24, 2011

Hello all,

We had picked out the GE Cafe gas range CGS980SEMSS for our kitchen remodel and were looking forward to it, until we read some reviews on Overall it got 3 out of 5 stars with 18 reviews, which is OK (not great). What concerns me is it seems to have some design flaws. For example (quotes from amazon reviews):

"Directly behind the top of oven door are air vents that vent lots of hot air onto stainless steel panel behind knobs, onto stainless steel knobs and top of panel directly above knobs. Knobs become extremely hot, enough so that I need to use a hot mat to control knobs when using the oven for baking and I am using the top for cooking. To me the GE Cafe has a poorly designed feature that needs to be corrected...."

"We purchased a GE gas stove about 1 year ago. About 2 months ago, never having done this before, the control knobs on the front, the side panels of the oven, and the panel on which the knobs sit all began to get extremely hot when the oven is on for over one hr. at 350 and higher. We had service twice (the first time he adjusted the door) without satisfaction and NOW GE engineers are stating that the specs state that the knobs can get up to 212 degrees!!!!!!!!!! That is pretty hot to grab on to to turn a burner off when the oven is also on."

"The fan in the back top of the range comes on when the oven temp gets to 375 deg. It's loud and blows directly into the flame on the back burner. I have to put a piece of metal in front of the outlet to divert the air when I am using all the burners and the fan comes on. Otherwise it makes the back burner almost useless. The fan really heats the kitchen up in the summer."

"The brushed stainless finish on the panel in front of the surface burners is delicate and scratches VERY easily."

"I have had this range for 3 years, the other day I turned on the front right burner and started boiling water after a few second smell of gas starts (which I have been smelling for months now but not as strong)..... wiggled the small back burner nozzle (which has been defective for months but techs never fixed right after 10 visits in the past 3 years; visits due to countless issues).... after I turned nozzle the range *BLEW UP* huge bang, fire escaping out of every burner and nobs, oven door blows open.... complete and total panic by me; gas company came and and deemed the appliance a hazard and now I am having a very difficult time trying to replace it even if under warranty!"

Has anyone had similar experiences? There were some rave reviews, too, but this does not look like the real winner we were expecting to put in our new kitchen. GE Cafe seems to be all the rage these days. The appliance sales lady was very clear about this, and I have two friends who just put GE Cafe in their new kitchens. But is there any substance to the fad? I now have my doubts about the actual practical functionality of this good-looking appliance.

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We purchased this range 18 months ago and are happy with it. I haven't tried to use the bottom oven for anything that requires precise temp controls, but have been more than happy with casseroles, etc. My knobs do get warm (not scorching), but I don't hold knobs more than the few seconds it takes to change the volume of gas coming through. I believe it was a bigger problem before GE changed the knobs. This is not an inexpensive range so it's good to be sure!

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If you have 2 friends that own it - you should ask them if these issues exist for them.

Some of the issues you list don't survive critical thinking. Lets take Vanna's treasure of a review.

The mfg warranty is 1 year. Vanna owns range for 3 years. Maybe she has an extended warranty, but its not through GE. She wants it replaced after The Incident. Most extended warranties have a "follow the manual" type of clause. The manual says [paraphrasing] if you smell gas discontinue use. Despite Vanna's lamentation, did she follow the instructions in the manual?

Say you have a smell of gas around your range. Say you have kids. You... turn off the gas & get it serviced. Is that what Vanna did? it sounds like she kept on using the range. With kids. For months. Until FIERY DAMNATION came down upon her. So for months she has a gas leak. In a house with kids. And she sleeps apparently soundly. Just... tuck the kids in & go to sleep? Week after week? ???

Wo lets give this "owner" some leeway - maybe she had say 5 service calls over 3 years. That's shockingly high to me, but Vanna seems to be okay with it & just keeps on chugging. Maybe is the leaking methane that threw off her judgement. After the 6th, 8th, the 10th service call - she's still cool about it. No scathing review - not like those other reviewers: 1 star for hot knobs, inability to boil an egg, 18k BTU just doesn't boil like it used to (I bet it burns flesh rather well though). No, Vanna waits until the thing BLOWS UP to become gobsmacked & leave her scathing review. Ironically, its 2 weeks before the new Cafe series is introduced, but Vanna is out to warn us all!

Why is her store negotiating with GE? Is she expecting another GE range? She liked the first one so much? It's her warranty company that she should interface with. Good luck - since Vanna has her full name detailing how she was negligent (a term her lawyer son can help her with).

This makes sense? If those things happened to you - you would behave like Vanna? Just go to sleep, make that 10th appointment, 3 years later talk to the store you bought it from?

If you have concerns, return it & buy a different brand.

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Thanks, you make some good points. It's true, reviews can be pretty random sometimes, and it's good to have a filter on. In any case, I should clarify: (1) the quotes are from four separate reviews from four separate people, and (2) my friends bought the *electric* version of the GE cafe range, not the gas one. They say the range is fine, but I'm not sure if electric and gas are really comparable.

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I don't have long term experience but I have owned the GE Cafe Dual Fuel range since the end of May. We have propane gas, not natural and previously had an electric range. I was nervous because like you, I found a lot of negative reviews. I realize thought that more often than not, people post negative reviews than positive ones. That said, one of my best friends has the all-gas GE Cafe and had hers for a year before I bought mine. I questioned her about all the complaints I'd read. One of the sales reps at the appliance store where I looked at it in person also owned one (though I ended up buying it directly from GE b/c my BIL gets a 25% discount). My friend and the rep both love their ranges.

About the quotes:

Hot knobs - I've never experienced this. I know that the original model had plastic knobs (or some similar material) that were painted to look like stainless, but the newer models no longer have those knobs. Just last night I had my oven set to 500 degrees heating up a pizza stone and the knobs were not hot to touch.

Fan noise - the oven fan does come on after the oven reaches a certain temp. It is a noticeable sound, just like any other fan, but IMO it is not loud. And having a house with four young kids, I quickly tire of any unnecessary background noise, but the fan is not that loud. My hood is WAY louder (and can't wait to get a quieter one!). I do agree though that my kitchen got pretty warm last night when I had the oven on and the fan probably contributed to that! But I don't use my oven that often in the summer, nor do I typically have it set at such a high temp.

Fan blowing out back burner - I find that hard to believe but I have only used the back burner once. However, the back burners are mainly for low flame simmering - the way the vents are on the back of the range, they point slightly upward away from the burners so I don't see how it's possible that a low simmering flame, which sits well below the vent, could blow out.

Scratches - I don't have anything to compare this range to in terms of whether it scratches any more easily than any other brand of SS appliance. I do have one small scratch on the top of range, but it's not noticeable unless you are standing over the range. And I knew full well that anything that is stainless has the possibility to scratch so I figured I had to be OK with the chance of that happening when I decided to go with a SS appliance.

All in all, so far I've been very pleased with the range. Dd bakes several times a month and so far all of her cookies, etc have come out pretty well, esp considering she is only 12 and a novice baker. I'm still adjusting to the high power a gas range provides but so far, I'm loving it compared to my old electric range.

I think most of the poor reviews you've seen about this range are for the original model that came out. How old are the reviews? When I went looking, there weren't that many reviews available and the majority of them were 1-2 years old.

If you have any other specific questions about the range, I'd be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

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I have to be honest that this has me a little concerned. I understand and agree with all of the rebuttals and will take them to heart but still am now having some buyers remorse.

I posted a question about a week ago about this subject and sat here waiting for replies and basically nothing. In Kitchens, I got 4 replies. 50/50 and here in appliances I got one reply which was reassuring. However few if any of the replies related to the GE CAFE ranges. They all seemed to only address my question about the Gas v. Dual Fuel and baking etc. They noted that old school preferences were based on older technology that didn't have the insulation that new ranges have and the fans that CONVECTION ovens have to keep the temperatures more consistant and even inside. They, kind of, laid to rest my feelings that Electric for the oven was preferred and led me to understand that v. having drywall and carpentry done, and painting... that the cost difference wasn't warranted for the Dual Fuel.

My fiance and I ordered the Dual Fuel model 2 weeks ago and setup an appointment for an electrician to evaluate the installation. Our current range, original to the house, is all gas and there is NO 220 outlet behind the range which is required for the dual fuel. The order was contingent on them being able to upgrade the electrical. Electrician comes and determines that they can not run the 220 as it would require tearing out a wall and part of the ceiling. He suggests calling a regular electrician and check into running the line and demo and repair of the wall and ceiling. Or, change the order to all gas. I post to this site and get the fore-mentioned replies and decide to go with the gas model. Now, tomorrow they are due to arrive with the new unit and I hear this stuff. ?????

It is very important to look at online reviews and check their dates and see if there have been changes and upgrades. One review that I did see was about plastic knobs breaking on a week old unit and being expensive to replace as they were out of warranty. That didn't sound logical to me but I did have concern. Good to know that GE, it appears, eventually changed those knobs and they may no longer be a problem.

I am buying from a reputable and high profile and respected dealer in our area and have confidence that they will stand behind me. They don't get the clientele and respect that they have without treating their customers right and carrying quality products. I hope, at least.

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wmas1960, next time you have a question like that, try doing a search for previous questions that address the same topic. I've posted on this board several times over the last six months about the GE Cafe range. If you didn't receive the answers you were looking for, searching by using the key words GE Cafe range would have brought up several previous threads about the range. I'm sorry you didn't get the response you wanted before having to make your decision. Unfortunately, I don't check this particular board frequently or I would have responded. However, had you done a search, you would have been able to see my previous responses on this same range.

That said, my friend has the all-gas GE Cafe range and loves it. Even though I have the dual fuel, I talked with her extensively about the various complaints I'd read online, and felt confident that those specific issues had either been redesigned or weren't something that would prevent me from buying the range.

I'm not sure what you meant when you said, "Or, change the order to all gas. I post to this site and get the fore-mentioned replies and decide to go with the gas model. Now, tomorrow they are due to arrive with the new unit and I hear this stuff. ?????" Are you somehow concerned that you are getting the gas vs the dual fuel?

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cath_md, I am sorry you are experiencing such problems. Hopefully GE will stand behind their product.
wmas1960, if you end up switching to all gas I wouldn't be concerned about baking. I made the switch and I have been very pleased with everything that has come out of my oven. Meats even better and no difference noted on baking in my DCS.

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wmas1960, I was just rereading my thread and sorry if it sounds as if I was chastising you for not doing a search. I didn't mean to sound so negative!

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Sorry if I gave the impression that I was upset with peoples lack of response or the types of replies I had received. I wasn't looking for any pre-desired outcome but just some guidance that would help make a decision that I would need to live with for a while. I was more frustrated with the dumb luck or timing of the fact that after waiting several days for replies, which few came in, and then after I made my decision and the night before the delivery is to arrive, I read about ovens exploding, controls being too hot to touch and so on. Stuff that would have been nice to have had before I made the decision so that I could, at least, ask my salesman or do more research about.

Most of what read in this topic seemed to be contrary to some of the reviews that I had seen. Consumer Reports, if I recall, rated the Cafe highly. I also ready other glowing reviews about the Cafe. But then, I was originally researching the Dual Fuel model. Again, it appears that much of the bad reviews could be from a previous generation of the ovens and may have been isolated situations and due to some neglect or lack of attentiveness of the owner or operator of the ovens, not heeding warning signs, obtaining proper maintenance and so on. Like I said, I agree with the rebuttals that were posted about inconsistencies and thus agree that one should be careful about reviews that they read online. Check dates and specifics. I guess that is one of the reasons that I didn't do a search. I find when I do searches, I often get grossly outdated information. By doing a new query, sometimes you get more current and relevant information.

From what I did receive, I am not as concerned about the Gas v. Electric issue. Newer Technology may have rendered those concerns of little importance for todays Convection ovens. I was hoping for some more specific first hand experience with the GE Cafe ranges though and some input on whether the Gas model was fully identical to the Dual Fuel, other than the type of oven (Gas/Electric). I was also looking for some experience to guide whether the Dual Fuel warranted all the additional hassles and expense to have the 220 line installed.

In the end, the oven was installed today. I did change to the gas model rather than have my wall and ceiling torn apart to run a 220. It went right in to the old openings from the previous range, plugged right in.... I also got the matching Microwave which went in nicely also. Both fit right in the existing openings. Only thing I have noticed is that the range does come out a little further than the old range. Still, It looks great. The knobs are certainly NOT the plastic ones that I had read about earlier. They do seem metal. The grates are heavy quality. I hated the old steal coated ones on the old range. Slide a pot and they would move around. I haven't cooked anything on it or in it so I don't know about heat. I did read that there may be an issue with it giving off some warmth in the kitchen. I recall my old one doing that also. Also the fan. But, I am half deaf anyway so some fan noise won't bother me. :) Seriously, being a convection oven, I would expect some fan noise. I will have to see if it is really such an issue or just people being a little sensitive. Is it similar to the sound that the microwave makes when it is running? The washer and dryer? Dish Washer? The Refrigerator...

Anyway, thanks for the replies. I do appreciate the input I just wish I had more before I made my decision. I do see some reason for reassurance. If all goes as it appears now, I may have gotten worked up over nothing. We will see....

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Heres a follow up on the GE Cafe Gas stove we bought.

We had it installed yesterday. Last night, I played with the controls a little and all seems to be OK. One of the main features we were looking for was the gas and control lockout for the 2 year old that we care for during the week. Push the lockout button for 3 seconds and it locks the controls so he can't control the burners etc. Push it again (for 3 seconds) and it will unlock. One thing we really wanted was for the gas to also shut off so he couldn't turn on the gas. Well, when it is locked, and I turned the burners on, they lit. I started to get concerned until I noticed, fairly quickly, that the flame slowly died down and the burner turned off. It would appear that there is gas in the system and a valve that shuts down. Whatever there is in the lines etc., would have to burn off before the burners will shut off. I suppose not enough to really be concerned over.

Another thing to be concerned about would be how hot the range gets when it is on. In case you are cooking with young ones around or even if you have to stand there and work while cooking, stirring etc. Could someone get burned if they are in the kitchen or if they touch or accidentally bump into the range while cooking. That is one thing that came to mind when I read the "Compilation" (?) of complaints that was at the beginning of this topic.

Tonight, I ran the oven per the installers recommendation. He said to run the oven for a while to burn off oils and such from manufacturing. without specific instructions, I turned the oven on to 450 and ran it for about an hour or an hour and a half. The oven seems to be warm but not HOT to the touch all the way around the front. Even touching the glass on the door, the controls, the face and sides... I ran my hand over the unlit cook top to see if heat comes out around the burners. My old gas ovens, in my previous apartment and the one we were replacing, all got hot as hot air poured out the tops of the ranges, around the "UNSEALED" burners. I then touched the knobs and door.... All seemed fine. I did notice quite a bit of heat, though, as I ran my hand to the back of the stove. Not painfully hot but it was very warm. This could be where people are saying about the range heating up their kitchens. There are vents on the back that are blowing HOT air out of the oven. Also, I reached down behind the range, between it and the wall. I touched the wall and the back of the range. It was a bit warm and I will keep an eye on it and the paint on the back wall. Might need a tile backsplash behind it or I may need to keep it in mind if painting the back wall. I don't know if it does get that hot though. Keep in mind though, while it was HOT, it wasn't, I think, burning hot. I was able to hold my hand there for a significant time. It got warm Maybe a little hot but not enough, I feel, to burn someone on contact. I did notice that it was installed, spaced away from the wall a little. I thought of trying to push it in further. Maybe this is a reason that it is spaced away from the wall. To keep that heat from damaging the wall. When we redo counter tops, it might make sense to have something put there to close that gap but we might need to leave some air flow behind.

This morning I used the cook top to fix breakfast. Bacon and Eggs. Nothing out of the ordinary with any stove and children etc. Keep handles turned in and we always teach the boy. Owie, Hot... and to stay away. There is an open flame and pots or pans on the top. That will be the same with any stove.

As for performance, The burners were about mid way, maybe a little lower. Heat didn't too high nor did it seem to get away from me. Nothing was too hot or burned. The burner seemed lit consistently for the 20 minutes or so that I was cooking.

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I am looking at this range and therefore valued your post greatly. I am replacing an old GE Profile free standing stove. I believe the cafe is a "slide in". I am though concern about how much it sticks out from the wall. I have a tile backsplash that I believe goes behind my stove now. I live in a condo so I don't have one of those very large spacious kitchens. Also can things fall behind the cafe stove?

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Just notice there is another model out CGS990Setss. Anyone have this model?

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I don't know the actual model numbers. I do know that they were 30" GE Cafe ranges. I originally wanted and bought the Dual Fuel but when I found it was going to require such demo and construction to change the electric I changed the order to the All Gas model. Otherwise, I believe they are identical. I did measure before ordering and found that the sizes are pretty standard. The new range slid right into the existing opening from my previous range. I would still suggest looking at the specks, online, and measure what you have to make sure that counters won't need to be trimmed. We also got the matching Microwave and it too, fit right into the hood opening where the previous microwave was.

As for the depth of the unit, it does come out an extra inch and a half or 2 inches in front. Doesn't look that significant though, Just a little different. There is also a similar gap between the stove and the wall but it doesn't seem all that bad. I haven't really felt a need to push it in any further. It might also be good having the space, as I indicated in an earlier post, to help keep the back wall a little cooler. You might want something back there to finish it off and make sure that things can't fall behind. Of course, it should be able to be moved in and out if you needed to. I don't know and haven't tried that though.

The GE Cafe is a "Free Standing" range. Although many mis-classify it as a slide in. The difference, as I understnad it, is that a Free Standing and a Slide in are the same except that a slide in has a trim pieces that will overlap your counter tops and provide a more finished look. The Free Standing has finished sides so you could just put it out in the middle of a wall without cabinets. In our case, the range is flanked on both sides by cabinets so I don't really see if there are finished sides or not. The fit is close and tight enough that it doesn't look that bad. Our counters are laminate though and there is a sharp edge there. If we got new counters in the future, we could certainly put an edge on them to make them look more finished. Not a huge fix I don't think.

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I have been agonizing over which gas stove to purchase for weeks now. Thanks to a lot of advise from this forum and reviews I have eliminated most. I am now back to where I was 2 weeks ago, the GE Cafe. Most of my questions have been answered above.. Just wondering how it is to keep clean. The salesman at my local appliance store said to stay away from the stainless steel around the burners. I happen to love that feature. He claims it is prone to rain-bowing and staining. Have any of you had a problem with the top of this stove? I think it looks so much better than the black. Also,I noticed that on the dual-fuel model the electric element is exposed in the oven, not sure how I feel about that, usually that is only the case in less expensive electric ranges. I am switching from electric, so my 220 line is already there and I am having the gas line installed..should I go all gas or dual??? Any response from all you Cafe owners would be greatly appreciated!

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Have had the 30"slide in GE Cafe gas stove for about a month. It is beautiful (did get the SS top...not black) and it seems to cook well. Here are my complaints: the fan noise that comes on when you use the oven is too loud, the SS knobs get extremely hot when using the oven, and I can't wait until the smell, while using the oven, is gone. I had the GE service tech out to see if he smelled gas (3 of my neighbors agreed with me), but he says it is just because the stove is new. I am cooking with the doors and windows open. He also said it is common for the knobs to get hot. (Why are my knobs hot and some peoples not???) There is one other thing... I think the control panel is difficult to read if the room isn't really lit up. The contrast for the words/numbers is not much. I was used to white lettering on black. (Now, some people might like this as it doesn't stand out). Additionally, the stove top (SS) is difficult to keep clean. The food comes up easily (if you clean it right away), but it always looks like there are smudges. I did know this would be a problem. Darn!

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News for all present and future GE Cafe, all gas stoves.
I was following and posting on the GE appliance community forum, till last night.
The forum had 19 pages of almost all complaints regarding the GE profile and Cafe stoves.
Instead of actively responding to all the issues raised, GE suddenly decided to shut down the blog.
Good luck all.

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mianbush, that is not good news. Our GE Cafe natural gas oven works great except that we smell gas throughout the house every time we use the oven. I'm just starting to research the problem and would appreciate any advice you can offer.

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We got our cafe stove on the 12th of december. I researched the stove extensively before deciding to go for it.
Here are my observations:
1- The stove is not as bad as it was potrayed in different blogs.
2- The control knobs do not get hot at all as the vents for the oven are located on the top back of the stove.
3- This fan, once it kicks in is quite loud and creates a sound as if something is loose.
4- I bought the stove from sears and on my insistance, they repeatedly checked with MABE (the stove manufacturer in Canada) and was told by a lady called, Norma, that there was a problem but it has been fixed in all stoves manufactured after September.
5- I took their word for it and agreed to buy a stove manufactured after Sept.
6- Lo and behold, I was sold a stove which was manufactured in March, 2012. It has the problem with the fan.
7- I had raised this concern with sears before signing for the stove and was assured that if a wrong stove was delivered, they would have it replaced at no cost to me.
8- Sears is working on the replacement (have been doing so for the last four weeks) but I still don't have a date for the new stove.
9- I am having some problems with the fact that GE would sell me a stove, knowing very well that it was defective. (they should have had the problem fixed before offering them for sale).
10- For your information, the first two letters of the serial number will tell you the date of manufacture. If the date is sept, oct , or nov, the letters should be TZ,UZ,VZ or ZZ.Anything else will signify a date before Sept.

Apart from these concerns, the stove appears to be ok.
good luck

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Thanks so much for posting those details! Which model do you have.... the all gas or DF? I have been considering a floor model, but now that I know about the change in the fan I will not do that! I hope you get your replacement soon.

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Trust me when I say.....This oven is awesome, the only neg thing is it scratches VERY EASILY,,,THATS IT!

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Thanks -very- much. That's valuable information. Our stove has an AZ serial number, so I'm going to see about a replacement.

We have the fan noise problem (and sometimes the convection fan doesn't even seem to be running when it should) but of more concern is the problem with faulty ignition. It's sporadic, but every once in a while the oven will emit unburnt natural gas until I vigorously open and close the oven door.

abqdeb, we have the all natural gas, not the duel fuel. I would have considered the electric oven if I already had a 210v circuit. For your reference, after lots of negotiating, in August I paid about $2,098 plus delivery at Sears.

Our previous Profile Advantium was damaged by the heat from the stove's burners. The Cafe's burners are significantly hotter than our old Profile, so we're very careful to have the vent on when using high temperatures on the range. I did notice that a LOT of heat comes out of the oven when broiling and the door should be kept closed.

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Did you get your GE Cafe range replaced?

I just had my GE Cafe range installed--I cannot believe how loud the fan is!
I had a Maytag--it didn't have nor did it need a fan.
My GE was made in Mexico, serial # HZ.

Would you please share the phone number of the GE employee you spoke to about the fan issue? Thanks.

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Has anyone done a custom hood for their GE Cafe range? I'm doing the dual-fuel and trying to decide on built-in/insert and liner brand and size (30 or 36")... if anyone can weigh in. Thanks!

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It looks like GE is replacing this unique model, or at least supplimenting it, with a newly styled double-oven slide-in gas range that will now be part of the standard GE range rather than the Cafe group. New (and improved, IMO) looks, double broilers, and a 20,000 BTU triple burner. It will ship with one glide-out rack, which they're now showing in the upper oven (though I assume it can be placed in either one). The 5-burner cooktop with continuous grates carry over from the previous model. And it seems the MSRP has been lowered $200 too, to $3,299.

Here is a link that might be useful: GE PGS950SEFSS double oven gas slide-in stove

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I am not the OP but thanks all of you for posting this recent information. I am considering the 990 SE and this input is so helpful.

Lee676, I will look into the new 950SEF

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Do not buy the GE Cafe Stove/Range!!! Nothing but problems.....

I bought the GE Cafe all gas range in May. First time I used the oven, it shut off automatically. No error code displayed - just the digital clock was illuminated. This same problem occurred over and over again - at 350, 375, 400, and 425 degrees. Sometimes it would shut off in the pre-heat cycle, but mostly while I was baking or cooking dinner. Incredibly frustrating and a few baking recipes were ruined. Repair Technican came out - said needed new control panel. But the panel was back ordered. GE replaced the stove under warranty at the end of June.

We were away for all of July and August. Started using the new range beginning of September. This 2nd GE Cafe stove is even worse than the first one - this range has 5 problems.
1) This oven also shuts off automatically while trying to bake something in the oven. Cancel button has not been touched - often goes off when I am out of the room - so I know it wasn't accidentally stopped.
2) All six knobs across the front have melted - they all need to be replaced. But I wonder if the replacements will melt as well in the future??? I have never broiled - and GE thought I had this problem because I had broiled something. Realistically - I should be able to broil without the knobs melting!
3) One of the burner knobs turns on whenever you touch it - you don't have to push it in to ignite the pilot - it turns on with a mere touch - very dangerous as it can be turned on without you realizing it.
4) The oven door does not line up properly - there is a larger gap on one side compared to the other
5) Gas leaks out of one of the top burners - even when the indicator knob is in the 'Off' position! So we now have the stove disconnected because we don't want gas leaking into the kitchen and house.

GE wants to repair all the problems. But the Control Panel is still on back order and won't be here until the middle of November - it was ordered on Sept. 17th. So I don't have a working oven until the middle of November and that is only if it arrives on time - they won't guarantee arrival of the back ordered part.

The valve to stop the gas leak is supposed to arrive at the end of next week - so another week without a stove or cooktop. Can't run the gas because it leaks until new valve is installed.

I wish I had never bought this piece of junk. And I am not the only person experiencing these problems - many others have documented the same issues. Why doesn't GE fix this before they keep selling this defective model to unsuspecting customers???

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We just bought a dual fuel GE cafe 30" slide in. One of the reasons to buy this product was that we wanted to have a true convection oven which will bake food evenly. And guess what? The oven doesn't bake evenly, the french macarons I baked all turn out lopsided to oblivion. I tried so many way around it by lowering temperature, or double panned the cookie sheets, nothing change. I am disappointed and thinking of returning it. Not as expected and as promised to bake evenly in convection mode.
The stove is good but as most people had noticed, the surface scratches easily.

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We made the same mistake as most of you and bought a GE product (CGP350SETSS).

After 8 months the knobs that look like they are metal are splitting on the plastic stems. I thought I paid enough to expect better, I guess not. So I called GE and told them about the issue. The part people said they'd send me out new knobs. I then asked them what is going to happen in 6 more months after my warranty expires and I have the same issue. They said I would need to pay $46 dollars per knob. I asked to speak with a manager, and they said why, the manager is going to tell you the same thing. So, I filed a complaint with the better business bureau. I was called back by GE. I spoke with a Wendy in Customer Relations. I told her about the design flaw and how I had an issue paying $250 for new knobs every 8 months. She said her resolution was to send me another set of cheap plastic backed knobs that last 8 months. She told me that I shouldn't be taking the knobs off the stove to clean the stove and that they came off for stove servicing. She told me that they checked with the engineers and that the knobs were good. She also told me I was rude, because I was upset with their "resolution".
So, not only is GE happy to put out an inferior product, but they are also not willing to stand behind it.
I was told by one of the support agents that the knobs were a consumable...Like a printer toner cartridge. Stay clear of GE.

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I have had this range since last July and love it!! I have had none of the problems listed above. The oven heats evenly and the burners are powerful and easy to regulate (I have had gas ranges for 40 years so I am used to how gas cooks). My only gripe is the SS scratching easily but I have had SS in other appliances and know how it is but I am just careful moving the grates around. I feel that for $3,200 I got my money's worth and would highly recomend it to anyone!

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