Liebherr - Freezer problems

yoyopaAugust 16, 2010

I have a built-in 30" Liebherr. I've had it for a little over a year. First, the ice maker malfunctioned. It took a few service calls to fix it. Now a short time later a wall of ice appeared on the back wall of the freezer. The temp rose suddenly and the alarm went off. I adjusted it, shut off the ice maker, but it happened again. Ice Maker is off, freezer empty and I can't get a service call until 8/23. Probably the ice maker again but the Liebherr rep. Jerry, insisted it was a control panel problem - how interesting that conclusion was reached before anyone looked at it - is it because he doesn't want to admit that once again the ice maker is malfunctioning? That he wants to run the warranty time? It doesn't matter what the problem is, it's that there is a problem(s) with such an expensive refrigerator in such a short time. I want a new unit - one without an ice maker. Actually, I wish I could trade for another brand but I doubt that will happen. However, Jerry says that a replacement won't happen. They'll fix this one. I feel this machine is a lemon. Is this the customer service one should accept from an appliance that costs $5,000? I have a Sunbeam in the basement that hasn't presented one problem in the years I've had it. It cost less than $400. Should my experience taint the reputation of the entire brand? Maybe all Liebherrs aren't defective but when one is, one should get better customer service than what I am getting. I've read many blogs (the Alternative Consumer, e.g.,) that address problems others have experienced with the Liebherr freezer(from 2007 through to the present - wish I had seen prior to buying). It's a wonder that there isn't a class action out there. But I'll wait to see what Liebherr does to remedy this situation. I don't think getting a new unit is an unreasonable request. Two malfunctions in this short a time is too many for such an expensive item that is supposed to be so well engineered. To all potential buyers, I would be wary of this product - if I am proven wrong about their customer service and that they stand behind their product and, more importantly, their customers' satisfaction, I'll report back. Actually, I'll report back whatever the outcome.

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I know someone that had a problem with water formation on the rear refrigerator wall as well as ice on the freezer wall of a built-in Liebherr, but it was because the unit was installed without the requisite air space at the top. Consequently, the lack of air flow behind the unit caused the controls to malfunction. Is it possible that you have a similar installation?

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Don't think so. Contractor followed manual. But we'll see when service comes over. Thanks for replying.

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Do Not buy a Liebherr! My 30" Liebherr is only 2 years and 1 month old and it has a defrosting problem in the freezer. Ice was building up on the back wall and it stopped defrosting itself a few weeks ago. Now the repair man is here. When I called for service, they seem to know what the problem was and immediately ordered the parts. The estimate for the repair job is $500! He has spent 45 minutes defrosting the unit with a steamer....... And only one month out of the 2 year warranty! How convenient!

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Do you know what parts were ordered by the service guy ?

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We had various problems with our appliances over the years has well and different engineers who are all contractors by the way nothing changed and has we later found out the company liebherr contacted the work out to in the uk has now gone into administration by a stroke of luck i got the details of a company who service the london area they came and i could'nt believe why i was having trouble all along the light switch was faulty thats why the fans were burning out however he did say that liebherr appliances might look good and fine when working but when they give problems they can be a pain in the arse to repair due to the many sensors. Fingers x still working fine.

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