Viewing old DC25 photos

don_na_naJune 13, 2014

I recently found several old floppy discs that I had stored photos on in 1999-2000. I was able to retrieve most of the photos because they were in JPEG format, but I have a few which were taken with a Kodak DC25 camera. It shows to be a K25 file. How can I view these photos? Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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Have you tried Irfanview? With its additional plugins installed it may give you the best chance of viewing that I can think of. I know I have seen reference to Kodak on its file association list.


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No..I haven't. I will check that out. Thank you!

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I'm amazed to hear of your having a functioning PC with a floppy drive and that a file on such old media is still readable.

A quick Google search suggests there are many programs that will read and convert X25 files to a more common format.

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