Any experience with BlueStar Color 9007 (Grey Aluminum)?

KasdinAugust 8, 2011

We have just purchased our first home and I am putting in a B.S. as we blow out the kitchen.

Our appliance sales rep gave us a B.S. RAL color book from 2007. Since my wife has not picked a color for furniture etc, she was hesitant to start with the range. The rest of the appliances will be stainless steel but we wanted to 'do something' with the B.S.

In the book we found Ral color 9007 (Grey Aluminum) It is a mid grey metallic that has some 'sparkle'.

I went to the Bluestar website and the Color is not listed on the color options page. So I did some more research and found this.


Information about the RAL 9006 and RAL 9007

Both color samples are part of the classic RAL 840-HR color collection. They are also therefore part of the common industrial colors.

There is one major difference on RAL 9006 and RAL 9007 from the rest of the 193 RAL CLASSIC colors, which are all opaque colors in different Hues suitable for all colored materials. With every new edition these color samples can be produced within a very precise tolerance. This does not hold true for RAL 9006 and RAL 9007.

Both colors originate from the corrosion protection program of the former Reichsbahn (State Railway). They were mandatory for corrosion protection of steelwork (train stations, bridges etc) and rolling stock (roofs etc). The colors also had similar functions in the former Airforce and Navy. They were never intended to be used for decorative purposes. RAL 9006 is essentially produced using aluminum particles, and RAL 9007 with iron oxide in a layered structure with small amounts of aluminum powder.

Problems often occur when RAL 9006 and RAL 9007 are specified, when the use combines coatings of various types (paint, varnish, powder coatings). Differences in color are very common.

Therefore we recommend the use of RAL 9006 and RAL 9007 for corrosion protection only and not for decorative purposes.


I figured no dice on 9007 till I had the sales rep call BS and they said 'yes' the can reproduce it.

So I was wondering if anyone has seen what B.S. produces for color 9007?

I am setting expectations to high that it will 'sparkle', and I will just get a solid mid grey?

Am I facing other problems with cleaning, scratching, etc?

Am I the crash test dummy for 9007?


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I am an engineer in the prescision sheet metal industry. The RAL color chart has been the industry standard for colors for many decades. With the old wet coat technology consistancy may indeed have been an issue, but with modern powdercoat technology that is not an issue. Any color can now be reproduced with very good repeatability. There is a minimum order quantity for Powdercoat paint, I believe 25 lbs. or so. There may be a minimum charge if BlueStar has not used it before, but in the grand scheme of things not that bad if that is what you really want. If BlueStar said they can reproduce that color I would go with it if that is what you want, after all what is better than having something different than anyone else?

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Suggest having a sample made on a metal chip -- you can purchase for about $20 on the website. The metal chips are going to be closer to what you will actually get than the swatch book. Based on my own experience I would not purchase based solely on the swatch book.

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I absolutely agree with Sayde - order a metal color chip.ÃÂ I actually ordered five of them - but even at $100, I felt it was a small price to pay to get exactly the color I wanted.ÃÂ This stove is a big investment and I wanted to get it right.ÃÂ That said, I was amazed at how accurate the RAL chart was to the chips I ordered, but still - so much better to see the color - on metal - in person.ÃÂ Good luck.ÃÂ Would love to see pics.

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Thanks to everyone for the info.

I rolled the dice and put the order in without getting a color sample to avoid the price increase.

It's a gamble but the other option was to go stainless and replace with a color later. If the Grey Aluminum doesn't work out, I can always replace it later.

I will be sure to post pics when it comes in.

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and if you did, how do you feel about it? If you have pix, pls post! (I imagine that when I'm done with my redo, I won't want to come to this site for a long time, but it would be great to see the sparkle color).

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Kasdin, that sounds like an awesome colour! You have to post some pics. I know its too late as you bought the range(congrats), but it sounds like caddidaddy really knows his stuff so I don't think you will be any kind of crash test dummy. :)

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I picked up the metal RAL 9007 chip yesterday and it is not close to the BS color deck. Very gray and flat. I was expecting a little bling based on the color deck - perhaps more like the Enchanted Silver.

It was between this and jet black and the metal chip made the decision to go black easy.

If interested, I can take a pic of the metal sample.


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Hey know what they say right? ;)

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@tyguy - ;-))

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Michelle -- Can I take you up on your offer to post a pic of the sample? If you get a minute, I'd really appreciate it. That's a color I was considering as well, but it certainly doesn't sound great based on your post. Thanks so much!

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@Snowyct - yes, I can take a pic for you..I left it at my other home but will pick it up Wednesday. To me it was very boring - dull and flat. Mister said the same thing. I was hoping it would look like my MacBook case.

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Michelle - Thanks -- later in the week when you get a chance would be great. A related question on color -- have you ever seen the "Enchanted Silver" in person? If you have, I'd love to hear your impressions. I can't find a BS color around here to look at in person other than copper and stainless. Thanks again so much.

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I still owe you the picture but didn't make it downtown today. For sure tomorrow as I have movers coming and must be there. Look for an update in the late afternoon/evening.

I have not seen the Enchanted Silver in person but someone posted a picture and I thought it was beautiful.


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Way too hard to get accurate color in a photo but here ya go. I put it up against something with a little bling (my pantry counter or what I think it will be at this point in the process).

I'd be more than happy to drop this sample in the mail for ya if you want. We know for sure we won't do this color so don't need the metal sample. You can email me offline if you want it.

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MichelleDT -- thanks a million for taking the time to post that picture. I didn't realize you were in the middle of a move (and probably wouldn't have asked you to take the time to do it if I had)! It was especially helpful to see the 9007 sample against the lighter counter sample, and saved me from a potentially costly mistake -- waaay too gray for what I had in mind. If I end up going with a BS, and doing a color other than stainless, I'll definitely get a sample and not just go by the chip at the dealer. Thanks again for your help, and good luck with the move and the house you're building -- looks like it will be absolutely gorgeous!

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Hi There,
Just found this post and coincidentally I am awaiting my Blue Star 48" in 9007 at this very moment. I ordered it without the color chip, since I was in a rush to get the range in time for my remodel install. My thought was that it would break-up the bright commercial stainless look that can be a bit overwhelming on a 48" in a residential kitchen. So I'm curious, do you have a photo of the range itself? I'd love to see it!

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