Refrigerator w Ice Maker

lucky123August 26, 2014

Can I remove the icemaker from the Maytag 17.2 c ft refrigerator and just leave the ice maker out? (Model # M8RXEGMAB)

I don't want or need an icemaker but I need that size refrigerator and all the freezer space I can get.

The salesman said to just remove the icemaker but I am not certain how interconnected the icemaker is to the refrigerator.

Is it just a matter of a few screws, unplugging the harness and dealing with the water line?

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The ice maker can be removed with no impact on functioning. There's nothing needs to be done with a water line inside the unit, just disconnect it from the water supply at the wall.

Some years ago (20+) Whirlpool had an ice maker that incorporated the refrigerator's defrost timer, so the ice maker was integral to proper functioning of the unit. This is not that kind.

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Thanks for your prompt reply!
That solves all the problems.
The refrigerator will fit into the space, the icemaker can be removed and I can use all the freezer space.
Good Deal!

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LOL. I just posed the same question. I am looking at the Maytag 21 cf - model # M1TXEGMYW

I don't want an ice maker either. Costco sells this model for a terrific price as it includes delivery and installation and they offer an improved warranty.
I am looking for a basic white, top freezer fridge. This one fits the bill minus the ice maker. If I can simply remove it, then that solves that problem very nicely.

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That 21 cft looks great! Just like my 17.2 except the door hangers look sturdier.
I am a bit wary of those door hangers, wondering how long that is going to last.
I am very limited. Custom designed galley kitchen and the only place the refrigerator fits is 30 inch W x 33 inch D x 9ft H. Find a 8 or 9 ft tall refrigerator! Otherwise very limited options.
I was considering the Amana which is very like what I bought except no icemaker and solid door shelves.
But this one has the features I like, no door handles and I can take the ice maker out so it is as good as the Amana, maybe. We will see!
The 20 year old Kenmore (GE) is making bad noises and won't keep the lower food compartment below 46 degrees. Probably a defrost issue, I am told. Have to replace before it quits.
Home Depot will deliver in a day or two, I hope.

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Good luck with your purchase lucky123.
It's crazy to be spending so much money and then having to worry if the item will even work!

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The refrigerator was delivered today! Super efficient, courteous and trained installers!

The ice maker was removed, out of sight, out of mind.

Refrigerator is quiet, seems to be working fine. All the food I had fit in the door so the lower box is empty But the Freezer is almost full. I gained very little freezer space. However, the Old Kenmore was growling and gasping so I took what I could get :)

One Major Major, in the store the floor model was clearly marked "Made In America." The refrigerator we received was clearly marked " Hecho in Mexico"

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^You must have been looking at an older model on the floor then. Whirlpool has not made any top mount refrigerators in the US since 2010.

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