a questions about re-positioning the gas line for a 30" BS RNB

jirka09August 15, 2012

I bought a BS, I bought a range hood.... now for the installation.

How much are you able to move the BS RNB range -- left to right -- once it has been hooked up to the gas? Is there any leeway here at all?

I want to make sure that the range will line up exactly below the hood, and as close to the wall as possible.

A bit of background info:

The range won't be here for another month. In the mean time, I am installing the hood, and adding the necessary electrical lines.

The range and hood are against the wall, with nothing on either side, no counters, or cabinets. So everything must be centered along that wall. According to the spec sheet for the range, the gas line has to be in a specific place, so I will be moving my gas line about 6 inches, or something to that effect. My contractor understands this, and will check to make sure that it can go where we need it to go, before the hood goes up, so that both range and hood are centered on the wall and with each other. The priority is that the range and hood be centered, if they have to shift a couple of inches one way to accommodate a stud, that's OK, as long as they move together...

So I'm wondering how exact we have to be with that gas line, if we are a bit off, it could really ruin things, you know what I mean?

Any input on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Bluestar owners did you have to make adjustments to the placement of your gas lines in order to install your range?



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Follow the manufacturer's directions and it should be fine. However, it's a big safety hazard to not have landing space next to your range. You need some type of countertop on both sides or you may end up with a visit to a burn unit.

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The pipe connecting the stove to the valve should be flexible and allow for some movement. However, the manufacturer tells you where to put the valve in order to clear any metal parts of the stove. Chances are there will not be much if any left/right room for variance.

You can place a sheet of 1/2" plywood behind the hood (where the hood covers the wall) in place of drywall. The plywood is screwed into the studs, the hood into the plywood.

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Because there is a flex line between the gas outlet and the Bluestar, the only condition is that the gas outlet (and a small shut off valve) sit below the back of the range and between the legs. The outlet can be in the wall (set low) or in the floor under the range- but it has to clear the legs.

Same with the electric outlet.

Either outlet could be to the side of the range, but then it would show and affect anything that would later go against that wall.

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Thanks everyone. I ended up having them recess the connection.

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