Wall Oven/Microwave Combo

apalmieriAugust 30, 2012

Does anyone have a recommendation for a reliable wall oven/microwave combo? I need to replace a 20 year old model.

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I never recommend a combo unit. One or the other fails first, and you're left with an expensive cookie sheet storage compartment. Instead, I recommend that you go with a single oven and a separate microwave and trim kit. All you need are the services of any half decent cabinet person to create the platform for the MW and you'll be all set. And the next time one of them breaks, you will only need to replace the single component.

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I'm wondering what you decided to get? I've had two GE microwave/oven combo's over 26 yrs. They both were reliable IMO in that until the microwaves failed, I never needed any repairs. 27" for me. Modifying my cabinets is not an option IMO.

I would like to switch to Whirlpool with their guaranteed fit, and their updated door appearance.

Finding oven reviews online seems difficult for some reason. AND most complaints seem to come from 1)loud fan noise and long run times; 2) long preheat times. But knowing which models are being talked about is difficult, plus I understand Whirlpool has made major improvements in the last 3 mos. and it doesn't seem the reviews have caught up.

I never had either of these issues with my previous GE's, but have now read some concerns about preheating and the new plate they've put on the bottom above the burner.

Bottom line, I was interested in your topic and disappointed to not see more discussion here.

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I am also interested in the topic.

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What is the width and height?

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I followed the advice here and ordered two Kitchen Aid separates. The new microwave convection and a single wall oven. I am still waiting for the installation. The installer is modifying the cabinet.

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For over 20 years I have had a Thermador dual oven with the top oven being microwave/convection(what went for convection at that time)/radiant. The bottom was just radiant. Both had roomy insides and functioned beautifully. They were great but now both no longer self-clean so I'm replacing them in a general kitchen refresh. They are no longer made. No one makes anything similar, particularly to fit in my 24in cabinet (standard for that time). I plan to replace with the Miele Speed Oven and either a Miele single or a Bertazzoni single to fit the space. Appliance Buyers Guide as well as my stepson praise the former. The latter choices came from the kitchen remodeler. Any thoughts? I don't want to waste the space of double ovens with just a microwave and single oven based on the use I make of the microwave.

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Have had Sharp 930 combo for 8 years and as most posts on this model it is reliable and useful. We didn't have space for backup wall oven along with a micro so ergo the Sharp. Find we use it much more than our range oven for micro and baking. Once I figured out the nuances of the combo functions it functions pretty well as a speed oven. The broil function is a bit of hoax, just high heat in an oven mode. Given the size of the cavity the micro is a little underpowered but not a big deal at all, we just slightly increase micro cooking times. Cleaning is a bit of a task when we roast chicken breasts and other stuff that throws off moisture and grease. Inside is SS so it's BFK and a little elbow grease a few times a year.

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