A couple of my issues...Would you be concerned?

XclusiveJuly 12, 2012

I have a few questions and wondered if you would concerned?

First is the master bedroom ceiling. The ceiling in the Master Bathroom is not level and plumb and personally looks horrible. I brought this to Norfolk's attention back on May 24th by advising the GC how bad it was. It looks like there were two different framing crews and the crew that did the bathroom ceiling did not work with quality of the crew that framed the house. There seems to have not been not enough materials (2x4's) on site at the time so they ripped gluelams (engineered beams) down, which you could see with the eye, were not even. They attempted to fur the ceiling down from 9ft to 8ft. I was told by by the GC it would be ok but I was very skeptical that it would not. Well time has passed and drywall was added and as I hoped would not happen the ceiling is not even close to being level. The only alternative I saw to fixing it was taking the ceiling down, framing it correctly with 2x4's and then adding drywall. Norfolk has attempted to repair this several times by cutting pieces out of the ceiling, etc. This is only prolonging the situation as if it would have been torn out, reframed and drywall the ceiling would be complete by now in my opinion. I would like to have the ceiling torn out, reframed and drywalled in lieu of delaying closing as an ample amount of time has been given for this to be corrected properly (see attached pics)

I'm no siding expert but would like to get opinions on whether this is acceptable or not(vinyl siding cut around the window)alt="Photobucket">

Next is the light in the foyer. As it sits now I don't mind the light but it is just way to high right now. I think someone may die if a light bulb has to be changed :) alt="Photobucket">

My next question is about the blown-in insulation in the attic. In the picture the far end is the ceiling over the 3rd car garage. Since they don't insulate over unheated areas there is no insulation there but you can see the insulation over the master bedroom. My question is since these areas are not seperated is this going to effect the master bedroomalt="Photobucket">

My last issue is with the grinder tank in the front yard that was not disclosed to us? Do we have any recourse on this and is there any way to at least make this look acceptable? alt="Photobucket">

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Unless this is truly a custom home, it's up to the builder as to how to make the ceiling level. (Plumb refers to the vertical 90 degrees.) But if the framing is off and wasn't shimmed, it's usually simplest to remove the wallboard and correct the framing.

Re: the insulation. If I were building, I'd put some scrap ply at the end of the ceiling over the occupied space, so the insulation wouldn't tend to slump down over the garage ceiling.

Those high lights are a common nuisance but required by Code over stairs.

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