Stainless steel appliances or?

eldarwenAugust 4, 2014

My stove has died - so I am replacing. I had planned on going with stainless, as I will probably be selling in several years.

I do like some of the white appliances with stainless accents that I've seen - should I stick with stainless anyway?

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Buy what you want, not some hypothetical person in several years. People who care about stuff like appliance color will just rip out your appliances that are several years old anyway and put in what they want. A super impressive kitchen might help with the sale of your house, but just "stainless steel" will do nothing. Stainless appliances look nice, I have them in my own kitchen, but realize it takes work to keep them looking like they did when new. If you don't keep on top of cleaning they will get uglier much faster than white or black appliances would in the same time period.

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Thank you for the thoughts hvtech42!

I guess I'm waffling because I am not entirely sure what I want - or more to the point, changing my mind!

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I really like the glossy white appliances that are available now. Couldn't convince DH so am getting stainless. But if it wasn't a joint decision I'd be getting white for sure. Go with your heart.

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You have to be happy with your kitchen, key word "your" kitchen. If you like white appliances and feel you will be in your home for many years, than go white. On the other hand if you think you might be moving in the next couple of years you may want to consider the stainless steel. A kitchen is one of the most important selling points of a home, people will notice if you have stainless steel. Good luck!

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Thank you Juno_barks and micasasucasa! I definitely want to get something I love!

I just realized I haven't seen my current favorite model in person, and that's important, so I am going to call a couple showrooms tomorrow, and see where I can see it. Sometimes the look and appeal are very different in person. I'm also noticing that Home Depot has a mix of white and stainless on display - the higher end kitchen stores seem to only have stainless.

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I am really a fan of white but am slowly replacing with stainless (top of the line brands) mostly. Unfortunately when I was shopping for appliances it seemed to me that unless you go with a really top brand, and an upper end model, most of the white appliances today look pretty cheap.

Since you are thinking about selling, and since most home buyers erroneously assume that any stainless appliance is an indication of quality and price, I'd go with stainless even though it may not be your personal favorite.

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