Bios code beeps 4 long beeds no start

gardenandcatsJune 28, 2011

I have taken my computer into my tech but he can not get it to do what it keeps doing at home! Some times the bios code gives 4 long beeps the lights come on but does not boot up. i wait for a bout 15 minutes try again and then it will work. I do want this fixed as I know soon it will not work as their is a problem any ides whats going on

Windows 7 cyber power comp

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At would be nice to know if this is a AMIbios, Pheonix or other BIOS. You gave a make but not the model number.

When you boot what does happen once the 4 beeps sound?
Does the computer freeze and the fans all stop?
No error messages I suppose?
Had you been doing anything to the computer before this started to happen?

If this is a desktop try removing the side panel and observing the CPU (processor) fan to ensure it starts to spin and continues to do so. If that fan fails the computer will shut down to protect the CPU. If a laptop try to feel the exhaust fan or even the whir if it is normally loud enough.

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fans are all on the computer is just a black screen like windows will not load

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Its been doing this for a few weeks after being shut off for the night and trying starting it up in the morning the fans come on but just a black screen and beeps..Motherboard is Gigibyte..While the beeping is going on the fans are running still

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PKponder TX

I bet it's one of your peripherals. When you take it to the tech, you just take the tower, right?

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Pam (pkponder) my be right, do you have a second keyboard to try? Value Village will sell you one for a couple of $$ if you do not have one or cannot borrow one for a few hours.

Check the Event viewer
click Start
click Control panel
click System and Security
in Administrative Tools click to view events log
in the new window click Windows log on the left side
click System in the drop down choices
the events now show in the centre panel so scroll down looking for red error messages and if you find any double click on each to read the error. There will also be a link, if you click that you will go to the Microsoft site with an explanation.

To find out which BIOS is installed tap your Delete button a few times as soon as the computer starts and you will enter the BIOS. Change nothing! To leave click the ESC button and agree that you do not wish to save any changes and the computer will boot normally again.

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Yes I do just take the tower...

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