lindacApril 28, 2011

anyone else fixated on the newest litter of shiba inu puppies? they are just the cutest little fat piggy pups.....and I know in a couple of weeks they will be charging around nipping and biting each other.

Check out the link so you too will be watching those puppys....between them and the eagles ...and my own pup I don't get a lot done!

Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: puppy cam

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I watched the first "batch" of puppies a couple years ago. So cute and tumbly. My only concern is that these people are bringing a lot of puppies into a world that already has too many. I do realize they are breeders, but enough already.

Still, they are adorable.

I have been watching Philadelphia's Franklin Institute hawks. This also is their third nestful of baby birds. They are sorely needed around the city to control the rodents and pigeons. I stopped to see the nest first hand when I was in the area.

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Thanks for posting the link Linda, Chance is going to enjoy this a lot.

Our new pup is now 6 months and she is quite the darling, but these are just babies!


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Yup, I'm fixated! :-)

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